diet and nutrition myths

1. Diet pills enhance metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

After taking diet pills one will lose weight due to the body’s lowered basal energy requirements of food and calories. However, as the weight loss has not been controlled through proper diet and nutrition planning, once one stops taking the diet pills the end result is one usually gains more weight back.

2. Vitamins will enhance your strength and endurance.

This is a fallacy. Vitamins do not supply the body with any calories to use as fuel. In fact, the body excretes 70% of the vitamins that it does not need. Unless you have been tested as being vitamin deficient in an area then there should be no need to take additional supplements. Most vitamins that your body needs can be found in the nutritious foods you eat daily. Some vitamins can be toxic.

3. Eating refined sugar carbohydrates from sources like honey, sodas, chocolate, marshmallows and sweets when feeling low, will boost energy levels.

Consuming sugary snacks before a workout will deplete your performance and you will probably experience the opposite of what you seek. Your body needs complex carbohydrates for fuel. Carbohydrates are an ideal source of energy for the body. This is because they can be converted more readily into glucose, the form of sugar that’s transported and used by the body.

4. Caffeine stimulates the appetite and should be avoided if trying to lose weight.

Taking caffeine to act as an appetite stimulant has never been scientifically proven. When you consume caffeine it can aid in raising the body temperature and possibly be a contributing factor to body fat loss.

5. Excess protein will be used as energy if too much is consumed.

This is true. The body will use protein as fuel only as a last resort when carbohydrate and fat sources are depleted. The majority of excess protein is stored as Adipose tissue (body fat). Adipose tissue is primarily located beneath the skin, but is also found around internal organs, which is why you should ideally consult with a dietitian or health care professional to determine how much protein is necessary for you.

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