Epxbody CEO Update - June 2016 - Introducing Instant Detox Weight-Loss Tea

Sometimes, when I sit in my garden and write down my thoughts about EPXbody, I think of some of the popular sayings and expressions connected with books. For example, like when we speak about the end of a chapter, and of somebody’s life being a closed book or, much better, an open one.

This happened again yesterday while mulling over EPXbody’s June Update Call and brainstorming an introduction for this post that best describes the call’s theme. I like the phrase to turn over a new leaf, meaning a new page. It’s good to know, when the story gets boring, that you can simply turn to the next page or even skip a chapter.

Similarly, in business , we can at any time put past failures or under performing campaigns behinds us. We can start again with a clean sheet. The new vision set out in this month’s update is an exciting new chapter in their story.

Okay, let’s dive in and listen to the call. If you are contemplating joining me, well, don’t decide now. Have a listen to the updates then click the big join button below.

Epxbody Update Call Highlights – June 2016

1. New EPXBody Instant Detox and Weight-loss Tea Launch – This tea has an amazing proprietary pre and pro-biotic blend to support gut and intestinal health, a digestive enzyme blend to aid proper digestion and assimilation or your food, a whole-food blend or fruits and vegetables, and our original detox blend all in a rooibos tea base with natural flavors and sweeteners. This is a one of a kind product that not only tastes great but will produce instant results.

I have pasted a screenshot from the new Epxbody 8 Day Metabolism Reset Webinar. At the time of writing this post, the instant detox & weight loss tea is available to buy in the store, but there’s no label image uploaded on the Epxbody website yet.

EPXbody instant detox weight loss tea

You can watch 8 Day Metabolism Reset Webinar below

2. New chocolate flavor Nourish Shake. As mentioned on April’s update, call this unique Whey protein blend is becoming less of a protein shake (10 grams protein) and more focus on healthy fats, fibers, enzymes, omegas and amino acids. Perfect for a ketogenic diet and those looking to lose weight.

4. A glucomannan fiber product launching that’s designed to be taken alongside the shake as part of an “8 day metabolism reset diet.”

5. Product Naming Contest. The company have decided to let the field suggest suitable names for both the Nourish shake and the Instant Detox Weight-loss Tea.

6. Compensation plan changes. Starting 1st July there will be changes introduced to the pay plan. However, there are NO structural changes, only changes to some of the bonuses and new levels introduced. It’s actually more like a pay rise. I think what will have the biggest impact to most people is dropping the 4 people needed to receive the “minimum check guarantee.” Instead only 3 people will now be required now to qualify. I’ll leave it to Dan’s call to go over all the specific details of the plan changes.

7. Dare to Compare Campaign. One of the things that make Epxbody unique is how few people you need to achieve break even and qualify for residuals.

8. One80 Virtual Business In A Box. I have often wondered why One80 has not been more popular than it is because VIPdeals offers some truly amazing travel deals (see my screencast on VIPdeals https://youtu.be/dk2NZ-QFCSE ). The Taxbot app is great for tracking your business accounts and saves the average person – who has a home-based business – at least $1,500-$3,000 per year over someone who does not have a side hustle.

One80’s features line up will now include:
– Taxbot
– VIP Deals
– Marketing & Tax Training
– Marketing Systems
– EPXTrader (Forex training)
– Traffic Platform

Go here to check out the One80 video.

9. Multi-million selling MSM supplement coming.

There’s not much to go on here except what Dan mentions in his call. But Dr. Axe did a great post on the benefits of an MSM supplements. You can read it here: MSM Supplement Improves Joints, Allergies and Gut Health

So that’s it for this post!

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EPXbody Home Based Business Opportunity

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