I Think That Perfectly Describes
How Most People Would
Want To Live. Don’t You Agree??

ollieHi, my name is Ollie Relfe …and for 17 years I worked the corporate treadmill as a graphic artist and brand identity designer. This was my chosen career path in the belief that this would one day lead me to find that promised SUNSHINE and FREEDOM!

I even became a founding partner in a brand design agency, creating corporate identities and branded literature systems for many household names and blue-chip ‘City’ clients. There was good money to be made in graphics and brand design, and the new business referrals never stopped — neither did the stress!

Creatively it was very satisfying, but the daily grind of deadlines, putting up with difficult clients, the stress of employer responsibility, dealing with staff sickies, private investors, banks, endless government bureaucracy, and then the minefield of partnership politics to navigate, quickly made the venture lose its fizz, and eventually its challenge too. Worst of all, I’d hit that self destruct button and gone from CEO to EBO (Executive Burn Out).

But now what?

Fact is, I’d already started to wonder how come as I got older, I was having to work harder and harder just to stand still, let alone get ahead and really start to live my *BIG* dreams. Even with an executive income it all seemed to all go on the mortgage, car payments, bills, credit cards, loans and the health care to give my disabled mother a better quality of life. And there was certainly nothing left to put by for an early retirement or a rainy day.

Slowly the realization set in, all that I part owned was nothing more than a well paid work-a-holic J.O.B. The job in fact owned me and my time freedom for six days of every week!

I was caught on that relentless treadmill of commuting, grabbing a sandwich at my desk, dinner in front of the TV set, then catching up on work again in the evening before collapsing into bed to start the whole grim routine all over again the next day. I had reached that point where I was sick and tired of being physically and mentally exhausted and living each day under pressure and stress.

Needless to say, both my health and personal relationships suffered — sounds familiar huh??

ollies art

Making Tough Choices & Finding More Balance…

Today, I have a good balance in my life between working hard at my home business and taking life easy, traveling, mixing with friends and having FUN, SUNSHINE and FREEDOM!

Life is good because I CHOOSE IT TO BE and I am ambitious to always be moving forward to achieve my goals and do creative things.

When I’m not with friends, mountain biking through the countryside, or playing air guitar to rock music, you might be lucky enough to see me in my shorts at the gym, or in the local pool doing a C-A-N-N-O-N-B-A-L-L.

Otherwise, I’ll be relaxing in my beautiful garden with a good book, being creative, oil painting or planning my next online business venture and mini vacations.

Inspire, Lead and Motivate…

think and grow richI also enjoy self-study, so I do like to read books that INSPIRE and MOTIVATE to improve myself – that’s how I discovered Napoleon Hill‘s fabulous book, “Think And Grow Rich” and many others too on self help, empowerment and attraction-based marketing strategies.

Life never stands still with me, and I am ambitious to always be moving forward towards real financial freedom and greater personal achievement …including being a much better chef. Okay, I won’t mention the food poisoning girlfriend episode!!! *lol*

I guess it is a pretty exciting time in my life and I’m enjoying every day of my journey while helping people help people to get more balance in their lives.

Everywhere, we learn only from those whom we love.
— Goethe

This is the last gift my father was able to make and give to my mother. It took him all morning to make. At the time his brain had almost lost all its thought and body action functions. He died the week before reaching their 50 years of happy marriage together.

My big wake up call that things HAD TO CHANGE from being stuck on the corporate treadmill came the day my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. It was a BIG SHOCK! He was taken straight into care because my mother was too disabled and weak from polio syndrome to look after him, and I lived much too far away to be of any help.

From that point on I vowed I would build a home business of some kind that gave me the opportunity to have total control of my time and build my greatest asset — FAMILY.

mumSince that first day after I took focused ACTION, I have been very, very blessed to be able to work from home and cherished the time I was able to spend caring for both my parents in their final, and very health challenging years. I value the opportunity I had to take back control of my time and be able to spend more time with all those I love.

AND … I thank my father for maintaining a *WICKED* sense of humor until the Alzheimer’s Disease stole his last breath of dignity and his last memory. The experience proved to be an eye opener into the plight of millions of suffers and the unpaid hard work that carers give which goes unrecognized by the State. I had the support of a loving family, but others I met were less fortunate. In my view, they are the real heroes knowing what sacrifices have to be made.

AND … I thank my disabled mother too for unraveling some of life’s mysteries, keeping me creatively stimulated, provoked and entertained despite her lifetime of disabilities and serious health problems caused by polio syndrome and heart condition. Greatly missed, but her legacy for helping others enjoy a better quality of life lives on.

Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them. – Steven Covey

Now, Let’s Fast Forward To The Present…

You see even though I had suddenly found myself becoming a full time carer, I was still once in your shoes. I was looking for a way to generate some EXTRA INCOME using the Internet. Heck, I need to make a full time income real fast so that I could stay working from home, look after my parents and not have to return to that stressed out commuter lifestyle.

Caring for my parents proved to be a very POWERFUL MOTIVATOR, it became my “WHY” and focused my mindset. But even before the parental care thing changed life’s direction, I had already decided I wanted to turn my back on the corporate treadmill and achieve a much better balance in my life – some of that promised SUNSHINE and FREEDOM!

At first all I found were web sites with the usual flash sports cars, dream homes, exotic vacations, and all that guru fraud which hoped to lure me in using that human emotion we call greed.

However, during my exhaustive search – and trial and terror – I did discover many things including how to set up a home based business on a micro shoe string budget, effectively use the power of leverage, and how to use simple “attraction based” marketing strategies to grow my business without ever needing to do any selling, chasing leads, playing phone tag or trying to pitch to friends and family.

Things are always slow in the beginning…

Now, I have to admit I didn’t really see success and accelerate the entire process until I found some communities of likeminded entrepreneurs that use their skills, expertise and their knowledge, and coupled it with powerful ‘Attraction Marketing’ strategies and to create a thing called leverage.

These skilled entrepreneurs provided the knowledge base and self belief systems to empower ordinary people like myself, as well as stay at home single moms, unemployed dads, to business professionals and everyone in between with absolutely zero Internet Marketing experience to become successful at marketing their home business online.

I have now chosen to use my knowledge and expertise that I have learned to coach and help other Entrepreneurs who want to work from home, make extra income or even build a walk away residual income so that you can get to do all those things you love to do if you had both the time and the money.

The Keys To Succeed…

So if any of this resonates with you, and you are as SICK and TIRED as I was of all the hype and the fluff, and are ready to discover the real ‘Keys to Succeed’ along with powerful systems, personal 1-on-1 success mentoring and real value added products so that you can work from home, spend more time with your family, control your financial future and enjoy the security of earning 3, 4 or 5 figures per week, then I can help you leverage the Internet.

So, if you’d like to tell me your story, either use the form connect with me on any of the social networking platforms.

Helping The People, Help The People.

ollie relfe