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Then you might want to check out EPXbody’s IgniteMaxx! …And if you have a few minutes, I would like to tell YOU how you can get paid to lose weight too!

Did you know:

Weight Loss – Research has shown that capsaicinoids stimulate a chain of physiological events that aid lipolysis (the breakdown of fat), which can be expected to positively affect body composition.

Appetite Management – Several studies have found that the addition of capsaicinoids to the diet caused a reduction in ad libitum energy intake during later meals.

Healthy Metabolism – Subjects burned more calories before, during and after exercise when they had taken Capsimax as compared to the placebo.

Energy Levels – IgniteMaxx™ contains a caffeine (200mg) which can help increase energy levels safely and improve focus during exercise.

How to get Started in EPXbody’s 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge

EPXbody ChallengeThe EPX Body Challenge is a 90-day healthy living contest in which everyone can win and participants are judged on the quality of their outer as well as inner transformation.
Featuring IgniteMaxx.

  • Safely mobilizes fat metabolism & aids in weight management
  • Burn more calories before, during & after exercise
  • Reduces appetite
  • Aids in Weight Loss, Appetite Management, Healthy Metabolism and Increased Energy Levels
  • Maximizes the thermogenic power of capsaicin to literally melt away fat cells!
  • Reduce Body Mass & Body Fat
  • Delivers high doses of capsaicin without triggering uncomfortable side effects

How to get Maximum Weight Loss Results

Step#1 – Take the Tablets, 2 tablets a day with food, Take one tablet with breakfast and one with lunch. (2 per day) For best results, take 10 minutes before exercise to increase calories burned. (Avoid taking before bedtime)

Step#2 – Ignite Your Body, Unleash the power of capsaicin & ignite your metabolism to a new level.

Step#3 – Combine IgniteMaxx™ with your normal exercise regimen & a healthy diet to achieve maximum results.

GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT, Yes you can get paid up to $500 for the weight you lose.
Learn valuable insights about nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and accountability. Be inspired by success stories from EPX’s 90-day healthy living.

EPXbody get paid to lose weight

Burn calories swimming, jogging, cleaning

So here is how to GET STARTED:

  • Order your EPX product(s)
  • Register, as instructed, via email or postal.
  • Print out your 39 Page Journal
  • Set your goals
  • Take your measurements
  • Plan your Attack
  • Join us on our 90 Day Challenge Calls


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For more information go to my EPXbody IgniteMaxx website:

If you need to register to begin the challenge, this information is in your back office and you can also follow the below instructions to register. Once you download the PDF you can print it out and email or mail it into EPXbody.

Step #1: Register now for the EPXbody Challenge (DONE!).

Step #2: Fill out the information form by downloading PDF below to officially start the 90 day EPXbody Challenge.

Entry Form + Rules & Regulations (English) | Entry Form + Rules & Regulations (Spanish)

Step#3: Take a full body “before” photo as well as another photo confirming your starting weight.

Step#4: Start your EPXbody Challenge transformation (for best results, follow our recommended exercises and nutrition guidelines).

Step#5: Take a full body “after” photo as well as another photo confirming your ending weight.

Step#6: Enjoy your new and improved body and healthy lifestyle! Celebrate your remarkable progress…and keep up the great work. 🙂

EPXbody ChallengeEPXbody also offers the most AMAZING 39 Page guide to get you started. Download the EPXBody Challenge Journal.

Download High-Res PDF | Download Low-Res PDF

The journal includes a Measurement chart so you can watch your progress, suggested exercises as well as a journal to record your 90 Day EPXbody Challenge journey.

Click the link to learn more about EPXbody’s nutritional
products for the entire family:

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DISCLAIMER: Individual weight loss, fat loss and results may vary from person to person.

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