A Vitamin B archived article caught my attention the other day. The headline made the claim that supplementation with B Vitamins may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

dadBut before I go ranting on about B Vitamins, I want you to know that learned all about Alzheimer’s while caring for my father in the final few years of his life. So anything that gets published in scientific journals, in newspapers, or I come across making claims that may help prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s will grab my attention. I become compelled to read on and learn more.

Now, if you have been lucky enough not have had any relatives or friends die from Alzheimer’s, then you might not be aware of the various stages the disease goes through. It is distressing for relatives to watch a loved one go through the last stage.

The medico types measure Alzheimer’s as having 7 stages. In my father’s instance (photo on right), I had been leading such a hectic work and social life that I never noticed he had Alzheimer’s until he was already well into stage 4.

Believe it or not, it was his attempt to drive up an M-Way exit road against high speed oncoming traffic that sent the alarm bells ringing.

With that said, here are the 7 Stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Stage 1. No impairment: no memory problems, and show no problems with orientation or communication. Life is great!

Stage 2. Very mild decline (Hard To Detect): slight memory lapses with everyday things.

Stage 3. Mild decline (Early Stages): things become noticeable to family and friends. Have difficulty remembering people’s names or names of objects. Have trouble completing tasks, remembering something just read, misplace everyday objects and show signs of a decrease in planning things.

Stage 4. Moderate decline (Early Stage/Mild Alzheimer’s): cognitive decline very noticeable. Become forgetful of events and personal details, have difficulty with calculations, become moody and withdrawn socially.

Stage 5. Moderately severe decline (Middle Stage/Moderate Alzheimer’s): start to require a little help with some daily tasks, become confused and unable to recall own personal details, thinking noticeably impaired, disorientation to time and places.

Stage 6. Severe decline (Middle-Stage/Moderate to Late-Stage/Severe Alzheimer’s): start to lose awareness, very noticeable changes to personality and behavior. Become agitated late afternoon, show signs of repetitive behavior, start wandering. Require help with most activities including dressing, bathing and going to the toilet. Problems controlling bowl and bladder incontinence begin.

Stage 7. Very severe decline (Late Stage/Severe Alzheimer’s): become unable to respond to surroundings. Conversation is limited to short words or phrases. Basic functions begin to shut down, loss of motor coordination and ability to swallow. Require full-time care 24/7.

Now, since those heartbreaking days of being my father’s caregiver, I became very interested in keeping up with the latest scientific findings in the hope that one day science may make a significant breakthrough and find a way to prevent Alzheimer’s, or even lead to the development of a cure for those already afflicted with the disease.

As you might guess, since my father’s death I have made some adjustments to my own lifestyle and diet. I follow the advice on what I read in the hope that it may help reduce my own risk of brain shrinkage and cognitive impairment in the years to come.

Taking Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12

Now let’s get back to the B Vitamins article I mentioned at the start of this post, and to the researchers claim that their findings could be the first step towards finding a way to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

To begin with, Prof David Smith of the University of Oxford wrote in his findings: “We have shown that treatment for two years with B vitamins markedly slows the accelerated rate of atrophy in people with MCI (Mild Cognitive Impairment)”.

You can read the full article here. http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Vitamin-B-may-help-prevent-Alzheimer-s

Truth be told, I have always eaten foods that are rich in B vitamins. But here’s the thing, laboratory tests have shown that the foods in today’s diet are not what they were a few generations ago. Soils are much more depleted in their nutrients causing dangerous diet deficiencies — and government researchers were saying that back in 1977!

I realized that my diet alone cannot provide me with the optimum levels of all vitamins my body needs. So, over the past few years, I have been taking a multi-vitamin and a mineral supplement.

Health Supplements

I have been drinking a heart-healthy supplement called THRIVE that’s more functional, and is naturally nutrient-rich and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals or is loaded with sugar. Cardio is a complete, all-natural cardio health supplement based on Nobel Prize-winning research that supplies your body with L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to the fortify your heart and body. It’s also rich in nutrients including active greens,  Vitamins B6 & B12, Vitamin D3, C, K, Folic Acid and others.

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