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I got the inspiration for this blog after watching the “Be a self-starter” video posted on The Renegade Blog. You can see the entire video at Ann Sieg’s “21 Suggestions For Success” (Video #16) 

I have always been a self-employed businessman, entrepreneur, and a positive thinker. So after watching this video, I found myself mulling over Ann’s message.

Be a self-starter is an empowering theme. I can relate to the characteristics that master achievers have to fulfill their lofty visions. They’re creative, embrace risk, seize opportunities, are self-motivated, disciplined, overcome fear and have a passionate work ethic to achieve success, no matter what the circumstance is.

Self-starters are the ones you go to if you want to get things done, right now!

Working in the home business arena, I always look for self-starters to partner with me.

They require little to no supervision or direction to achieve their objective.

They can motivate themselves in any direction and don’t have to be prompted to take ACTION.

They take initiative, work smart, and just get on with doing whatever it takes to get things done. Neither do they quit if things don’t go to plan on the first attempt.

In fact, they’ll go the extra mile.

You see, like Ann Sieg, I too work within a space that requires me to use my brain a little.

Self-starters are entrepreneurs that realize that success requires WORK.

But the difference between wanting to be successful and actually being successful is all in the drive.

Self-starters are highly motivated by the innate desire to succeed.

They don’t dillydally around waiting for things to happen but aspire to be the best and apply their determination to take them there.

Self-starters love a challenge, they are confident in tackling their work in the right away.

It doesn’t overwhelm them and they quickly carry out what they set out to achieve.

If you think you have self-starter characteristics and have dreamed of having a STRONG, worldwide nutritional business online, I am ready to help you seize our Thrive Revolutionary 16 Day Blitz Opportunity and achieve WILD success.

Let’s connect, let’s ROCK!! 🙂

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