Build Your Online Network Marketing Brand Using Stories

Build your network marketing brand: Today I am going to talk to you about: how storytelling will help you become a top-notch network marketer.

“People think that stories are shaped by people.  In fact it’s the other way around …” Terry Pratchett, novelist

There is a saying in business, “facts tell people stuff, but stories sell people stuff.” A story is by far the best way to communicate about your product or service.

However,  before you begin telling the world about what it is you want them to hear, it’s important to think through your strategy and personal brand.

Your brand simply describes, “who you are and what you offer.”

Everyone has a personal brand.

Either it’s well crafted by design, or it comes across more naturally in your everyday persona, in the type of content you share most often, or whatever you put out there about yourself on social media, in a blog, articles, videos or podcasts. You are building posture to position yourself as the “go to” person of authority—the expert!

If you are only publishing posts promoting your opportunity, the next company call, or buy my products, then you are not branding yourself as someone who is authentic, provides value and cares about helping others find what it is they need to enrich their lives.

The science boffins say people acquire their beliefs from their experiences. Your mind is set up to accept information, remember it, and visualize it in story format—and it does all this on-the-fly.

We can easily remember stories from our childhood or those funny stories told by family, friends or work colleagues. But we have a hard time remembering dates, charts, statistics, or even the circles and percentages on a compensation plan shown to us fifteen minutes ago.

To quickly and efficiently communicate facts, it is much better to weave them into a memorable story.

When you start telling a story, we have to listen all the way to the end because we cannot go on with life until we know how the story ends. You see, stories give us magical powers to hold people’s attention.

The best kind of story to tell is the one about yourself. Share your own experience. It will not only resonate with the target audience you want to attract, and how they can benefit from your wisdom, success or failure.

By using stories you’ll come across as being more authentic. It automatically stimulates engagement then you can begin to create solid relationships, leading to interest in becoming a customer and (maybe) sponsoring a new distributor into your team.

We all have stories in our personal lives or in our business. It might be your O2 Drops product testimonial; your getting-started story; how you made your first sale or signed up your first distributor story; how you created a Thrive organic greens side business while working two jobs and struggling as a single parent story; stories about building the business day-to-day; stories about prospects or their funny comments on Facebook; what nuggets of gold you took away from an event; a failure you learned from; how implementing one thing changed everything overnight; how O2 Worldwide’s call center put your recruitment efforts on steroids; and if you become wildly successful people will obviously want to hear your path to wealth story.

So let me tell you what happened to me once I began to weave stories into everything I do.

I share stories of my daily life, photos of my garden or when I’m out and about or when cycling. I take the occasional selfie too, make image quotes using free tools like Canva, Pablo-buffer or QuotesCover after having found free images on Unsplash, Picjumbo, Pixabay and many others. I comment on people’s posts, share everyday events, funny moments, recognition of teammates, and share other people’s content I think my audience would love to see, all of which are all part of my personal brand because I add my own narrative to help open the door for others to engage.

All my daily online activities, storytelling, recommending stuff and curiosity drives people to my blog where they get to learn more about me and what I do. All the while they are on my blog they are constantly being exposed to my various income streams, finding value with training and tools. For example, like those provided by Elite Marketing Pro that I use to grow my own business.

By the way, If you do not have a blog you are missing out, big time!

Even today with all the social channels, a blog is still your central hub. Everything leads back to your blog, your personal brand.

But a word of caution. Don’t fall into the trap my friend Steve made.

He had a blog set up on the free Blogger platform. He posted hundreds of posts over a couple of years. Then one morning he went to login and discovered that Blogger had deleted his entire blog.

Imagine that, all those countless hours spent crafting posts, sourcing and customizing images, responding to comments, implementing backlink strategies, promoting across social media channels, listing in search engine and directories, and then it’s all gone, in a flash!

All that effort has gone to waste. Lost forever!

After that bad experience, my friend realized that free cost him much more than just a few bucks per month he could have spent on hosting fees.

Thankfully, he managed to quickly rebuild most of the web pages to stay in business. But it was a painful lesson to learn. It had nearly cost him not only his business but his house too because his livelihood was his blog.

He’s now with Bluehost. They made setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog a breeze in just 1-click. He even got a free domain bundled in. If only he had made that wise choice years ago, it might have saved him a lot of stress and heartache.

Anyway, back to how stores can help you crush it in network marketing…

With stories, it’s not what we say, it is what people hear that’s important.

Tom Big Al Schreiter - Network marketing story telling booksOne of the best stories I love to tell is one I lifted straight out Tom Big Al Schreiter’s great book “How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories” If you don’t already have his book in your library, I highly recommend you get a copy because it’s loaded with great stories to use that will change your approach to prospecting — for the better!

By the way, if you don’t know who Tom is, he’s the guy who clocks up more air miles than any other networker I know. Sold over 20 million books, done over $1Billion is sales, over 1,000,000 distributors have been through his workshops and training courses. So you could say he knows his stuff!

Now, I found Tom and his book via a Google search while researching for a better answer.

You see, while I was prospecting I noticed that a question kept coming up time and again. That was, “What is network marketing?”

My answer wasn’t effective, my message simply wasn’t getting across. So, I tried using Tom’s story which goes something like this… [see full size graphic in new tab]

network marketing storytelling

Hopefully, you can begin to see how telling stories is a phenomenal way to grow your network marketing business. People are naturally curious. When you push the right buttons by being authentic and providing value as you tell your story, you will quickly find people are reaching out to ask questions or want to talk on the phone or Skype call. Before long, you will have more leads than you can handle, and the best thing is they are all wanting to deal with YOU — the EXPERT!

That’s it for this blog post… when you use stories good things happen. You already do network marketing every day. You can join me and get paid for it … or you can continue doing it for free. The choice is up to you. And if you choose to continue doing it for free, that’s okay. Charity work is good. It makes the world a better place.

Take action. Today!

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