Today’s video is on the topic of “How engaged are you in building your Network Marketing business?”

Having now been involved in network marketing for 26 years, it has been my observation that people who have just joined a NWM company generally fall into one of two camps.

The first group are your self-starters who seize the moment, grab the bull by the horns to get their new venture (business) into profit as quickly as possible. As soon as they have joined the team they check the company websites, their virtual office, the getting started training, they learn all about the products, the pay plan, they plug into the calls, webinars and attend all company events when they happen. They put together their 90 day plan, take immediate and consistent action and begin making connections… basically, they become a sponge for knowledge and broaden their skills to help them to advance their network marketing business.

People in this group will make themselves known to you right at the start. They very quickly settle into their stride to making things happen fast. The type of questions they ask clearly show focused intentions for achieving future success.

Then there is the second group (usually a larger group) who you may feel you need to caddy and push every week in the hope that they will eventually develop the success habit needed.

This group is not as actively engaged in building their NWM business. Many will fail to even start, peruse around their virtual office, keep up with the company broadcasts or write down a plan of action — written down goals have higher tendency to manifest!

People in this group have not yet cultivated a strong enough WHY or the do whatever it takes desire to succeed. They easily become distracted by life and what’s going on in their environment. The type of questions this group ask differ greatly from the self-starters.

Network marketing is a very fair business model. Anyone, regardless of their background, circumstances or education can achieve success provided they follow a few simple rules and do things on a consistent basis.

To be successful in NWM you need to become ENGAGED in your build. Be engaged in laying the foundations of your future success. If you are not totally plugged in, then you are just wasting your time and money. You are wasting the time of the team behind you that are willing to help you every step of the way.

Ninety percent of people who come into NWM are struggling and failing. They quit within a year, and many will not even stay the course to last even 90 days.

9 out of 10 people should be succeeding in network marketing. That’s what it was designed to do. But the most mlmers are not doing it RIGHT, and many are not even taking enough ACTION to make sure success happens.

The lesson is: Treat your business like a business, one that generates profits, and not like a weekend hobby that only costs you money.

That’s it for this video. Please check out some of the other posts on my blog. And if you need help in getting your network marketing business off the ground check out these two resources for 1) Prospecting (quick start) – Endless Free Leads 2) Marketing (longer term) – The Network Marketers Manifesto

Make it happen today.

Carpe diem!

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Written by Ollie
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