CEO EPXbody Update 07 April 2016 [ Audio Replay ]

You could be forgiven for thinking that EPXbody had died with the “CRUSHING IT” buzz that its newest division – o2worldwide / o2 drops – has attracted over the past few months. Even their FB page was quiet for most of last month. A prospect of mine became leary after searching Google and Facebook for current promotional activity by U.S. reps.

Fact is,.. Perception is everything!!

My prospect’s search had mostly turned up people who had abandoned their blogs… lack of traffic maybe? Some Reps are now promoting other hype & pre-launch stuff as that’s “their thing.” Perhaps they were never fully engaged in building their EPXbody biz online anyway… ermm, postcards & call center?? Maybe some decided that MLM was not the career for them. Whatever the reason, my prospect now had an impression that things are all in retreat.

The point is,  if you were to base an opinion on “get rich quick” biz opp seekers that might have focus issues, are all over the place with marketing, have no plan for long-term success. Or are continuously jumping from program to program, then yes, the perception probably would be bias towards a negative view point… So easily done searching on Google!

But the GREAT new is, the reality is different. Things are BOOMING at EPXbody!!

Okay, let’s jump right to the CEO EPXbody update call — jam packed with GREAT stuff!!

CEO EPXbody Update Call – 07 April 2016

Key highlights:

  • Overview of products one by one, formula/packaging tweaks to some (Cardio, Nourish).
  • New instant Detox tea launching (no brand name yet but RPP $49.95). Ingredients as current EPXbody Detox tea with all the same herbs, but in an instant powder form plus one and half servings of wholefood fruit & vegetables + pre & pro-biotic mix + digestive enzymes blend + new fiber blend.
  • Nourish to become less a protein shake (10 grams protein) and more focus on healthy fats, fibers, enzymes, omegas and amino acids. Whey protein blend. Perfect for a ketogenic diet. Chocolate flavor!!  mmm…
  • New glucomannan fiber product launching that’s designed to be taken alongside with the shake and be part of an “8 day fast start” or “8 day metabolism reset diet” sold as a package complete with meal plans. Priced at 30% less than the competition. Package pays $50 fast start and $50 bonus every month.
  • Co-branded portable/at home workout equipment (patent pending). Listen to Dan’s product description of the bands/fitgrips on the call.
  • The income benefits of the $100 packages and the 4 who get 4 approach. Dan’s usual inspire the troops in the trenches rant!
  • Building more marketing tools.

If you want to get involved in “EPXbody” and work with me personally, then visit my website and take the free tour. Let’s connect and talk about your goals, and what you want to achieve.

You have a choice. You can stay on your current path. This could (possibly) be “Trading Time for Money” in 9-5 job and not living the life of your dreams. Or you can choose the EPXbody path to become financially independent and have the time freedom to do the things you love.

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