EPXbody Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Program - Lose 8 LBS in 8 Days!!

Struggling to lose-weight? Already cut down on calories and take regular exercise yet you’re still not losing weight? Maybe you need to reset your metabolism.

Resetting your metabolism might sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little bit of foresight and following a special Dick Gregory metabolism reset diet plan, you can quickly fire up your metabolism to make sure you can always burn calories — read on to learn how resetting your metabolism can help you quickly lose-weight – LOSE UP TO 8 POUNDS IN 8 DAYS!!

The Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Program

It’s no secret that Dr. Dick Gregory can be obsessed about the quality of nutrition products. Over many decades, he gained a reputation for being synonymous with health and wellness, the Dick Gregory diet, and for all natural products that are specially formulated with the finest ingredients and backed by science.

So he has come together with EPX Body to create an exclusive nutritional line of premium signature products, and the Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Program as a catalyst for health, nutrition and sustained change.

How To Reset Your Metabolism

By using the all natural Dick Gregory Signature Series Products and the Dick Gregory 8 Day Metabolism Reset Plan, you can reset your metabolism to safely experience weight-loss results in a short time. What’s more, the signature series product line can help you to keep the weight off!

how to reset metabolism - lose 8 pounds in 8 days testimonials

Dick Gregory’s 8 Day Metabolism Reset Program

To reset your metabolism to burn calories, simply repeat this process daily for 8 days to experience results with Dick Gregory’s 8 Day Metabolism Reset Pack.

Breakfast: Drink 16 oz of EPX Body Detox Plus instant herbal tea.

1 Hour Later: Drink 8-16 oz of water.

Morning Snack: 1 serving of EPX Body Keto Shake, then 2 capsules of EPX Body Slim Fiber with 8-16 oz of water.

1 Hour Later: Drink 16 oz of EPX Body Detox Tea Plus tea

Lunch: 8-16 oz of 0-calorie low-sodium beverage, 1 palm-size portion of a healthy protein, 1 thumb-size portion of a healthy fat, and 2 fist-size portions of healthy veggies of your choice.

Afternoon Snack: 1 serving of EPX Body Keto Shake, then 2 capsules of EPX Body Slim Fiber with 8-16 oz of water.

1 Hour later: Drink 16 oz of EPX Body Detox Plus tea.

Dinner: 8 oz of EPX Body Detox Plus tea, 1 palm-sized portion of a healthy protein, 1 thumb-size portion of a healthy fat, and 2 fist-sized portions of healthy veggies of your choice.

Get Paid To Lose Weight & Burn Fat With EPX Body + Dick Gregory Signature Series

Plus, Get Paid To Lose-Weight!

O2Worldwide now hosts EPXbody’s 90-day Healthy Living Challenge in which participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose using EPX Body products – up to $10 per pound lost!

Since it started in 2012, the Challenge has transformed lives with testimonials flooding in from everyday people losing 25 to 60 pounds in just three shot months.

Plus, everyone wins no matter how much weight they lose!

EPX get paid to lose weight

START YOUR CHALLENGE TODAY (sign up in the online Back Office when you join O2Worldwide as a Preferred Customer or Distributor) and start your Healthy Living Challenge.

Dick Gregory diet and how to reset-metabolism

8 Day Dick Gregory Metabolism Reset Pack Products

EPX Body Keto Shake – The Perfect Meal Replacement Shake to Lose Weight and Balance Nutrition – With Natural Chocolate Flavor.

EPX Body Keto Shake is the perfect meal replacement shake for anyone on the move or who wants to lose weight, get fit, and/or balance their nutrition. Rich with a natural chocolate flavor, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, it provides long-lasting satiety and helps reset the metabolism. The EPX Body Keto shake all-natural formula is packed with nutrients – including a potent whole food blend, digesting enzymes, healthy omegas, top-of -the-line whey protein, as well as some fiber – making it a complete and satisfying meal replacement.

EPX Body Detox Plus Instant Herbal Tea – 100% Organic, Instant Herbal Tea that Naturally Restores Health and Promotes Weight-Loss.

EPX Body Detox Plus is brimming with beneficial nutrients that are essential for health and vitality. It is the instant version of our original EPX Body Detox Tea herbal blend plus a full prebiotic and probiotic blend, complete with digestive enzyme blend, and whole food multi-nutritional blend. It is formulated to effectively and gently cleanse, and restore balance to the whole body. It is also much more effective than Chinese Green Tea in helping naturally, safely, and rapidly shed excess pounds.

EPX Body SlimFiber – Super Strength Glucomanna Fiber Supplement for Maintaining Health and Long-Lasting Satiety.

EPX Body Slim Fiber provides essential dietary fiber to help promote digestive and colon health, maintain a healthy immune system, and curb cravings, control hunger, and promote weight control. It is an ideal everyday fiber supplement, with a balance of essential soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber is important for digestive health and has added health benefit for the body. Formulated with natural Glucomanna fiber for added strength and long-lasting appetite suppressant effects.

how to reset metabolism - lose 8 pounds in 8 days testimonials

Take the Challenge. Reset your metabolism. Get results with Dick Gregory’s 8 Day Metabolism Reset Product Pack. Order yours today by following these simple steps!

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  8. Scroll down and add the “8 Day Metabolism Reset 16 Serving Keto Shake, Instant Detox Plus, and Slim Fiber pack” …or click on the green “Value Packs” button where this pack is also listed.
  9. Add any more products you wish to order to the shopping cart
  10.  Read and check the two order agreements
  11. Continue with sign-up to check account and order information
  12. Confirm payment to complete order
  13.  An order confirmation email is then sent by EPXbody

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