Once a month EPXbody CEO Dan Putnam hosts an update call to highlight achievements over the past month. He also uses this call to announce any new marketing things or products in the works that are coming soon.

This month’s update was one of the best entrepreneurial vision calls I’ve heard Dan do in a long while — I have listened to many over the +2 years that I’ve been and EPXbody UK distributor. Dan is a man with passion and drive, is a good public speaker and keeps us reps out in the sales field motivated.

During this call, Dan outlined his great entrepreneurial vision of EPXbody – purposely designed to be the best duplication and retention model in the network marketing industry.

He summed up the EPXbody business vision in four bullet points:

  • Quality of products for DUPLICATION and RETENTION
  • Price point giving exceptional value with superior quality products
  • Compensation structure for QUICK BREAK EVEN
  • Systems & Tools for SIMPLICITY and ease of duplication

He then briefly touched on the all natural whole food products that EPXbody has to offer. I especially liked the part where he talked about people buying the two leading brands of synthetic vitamins made from petroleum derivatives. Yup! A whopping $9 Billion gets spent on those non-food vitamins!!

FYI, there’s a great article on the differences between food vitamins and non-food vitamins over on the Doctor Research site. You can also learn more on EPXbody Products and check out the video on EPXbody Daily sea veg being an “alive” super food too.

Back to the update call… distractions, distractions!! 😉

I had to laugh when Dan talked about “MLM ADD” (or ADHD as we call Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on this side of the pond) because I see many network marketers join one NWM company after another (almost weekly with some people) and never see success in any of them because they don’t focus, let distractions take them off course, always find something to moan about, or simply don’t write down a plan for success…but that’s rant for another time, and you can always check out Eric Worre’s Dealing With Distractions video.

After the charged entrepreneurial vision bit, Dan made a couple of cool announcements. They’re both great, but the first caught my attention more because the EPXbody Organic Herbal Tea is a hot seller to lose 5lbs in 5 days!!

Organic Herbal Tea Supplies Paying 50%!!

Now that the new Detox Herbal Tea Packs are paying 50% this will be awesome for distributors who like to host tea parties or those who drop a week’s herbal tea supply in the mail to customers they’ve sourced with social ecommerce strategies.

In fact, some of my downline in Scotland are doing awesome business leading in with the weekly supplies as their hook on Facebook. Those customers are all coming back for a month supply or more of the herbal tea. Sweet!!!!

Here’s what’s new this month at EPXbody…

1. EPXbody Detox Herbal Tea Samples Packs

New business building EPXBody Detox Samples Packs to Challenge people to Lose 5lbs in 5 days and watch your business grow.

  • 10 PACKS $100. This pack pays 50% on every order with 25cv going into the Matrix.
  • 30 PACKS $300. This pack pays 50% on every order with 75cv going into the Matrix.
  • 50 PACKS $500. This pack pays 50% on every order with 125cv going into the Matrix.

2. EPXbody Nourish Meal Replacement

The Nourish Meal Replacement is relaunching with a new whole food protein fibre mix formula before the end of June 2015. It has NO synthetics and NO artificial sweeteners. It is a fruits and vegetables blend, and now comes with added Chia (Salvia hispanica) and Flax seeds because people like the benefits of both healthy fat and fibre.

Nourish contains whey protein concentrate plus BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) for building and maintaining muscle mass, enhancing the recovery process and preventing lean muscle breakdown. So it’s a complete meal replacement, and the Price Point will be $49.95.

Dan finished the call saying that EPXbody international expansion will continue slowly and surely. And I hear on the grape-vine that there’s a ton of buzz happening in Ghana and Central America right now. I have a team in South Africa that are rocking and planning to push into neighbouring African states, but I must get myself some leaders over in the Dominican Republic because they have some really nice beaches and an expat friend has just purchased a house there. Love to mix business with pleasure!!

Entrepreneurial vision of EPXbody

Finally, here’s the full replay of Dan’s entrepreneurial vision of EPXbody and the latest updates to help us build our EPX business:

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Written by Ollie
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