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Choosing the title of this Epxbody / One80 update post was almost a private joke, but seeing as it’s you reading this, I’ll let you in on my amusement.

Each week I get a ton of messages from frustrated prospects, not my prospects of course, but those of cross line distributors who have failed to take care of business.

Fed up with waiting and not getting their questions answered, they take to Google and Facebook to search for the answers themselves, and eventually stumble across helpful me. If I had a dollar for every time someone thanked me for addressing their concerns promptly then I would have no need to work mlm! Lol

The moral of story is, if you don’t want your customers or prospects to go elsewhere, then provide a more efficient and prompt service. People won’t wait for you! Take care of business, and business will take good care of you!!

Okay, let’s get down to business as that’s what you are here for….

EPXbody July Update Call 2016

There was a lot of information on this month’s update call, but its primary focus was to introduce the significant changes to the One80 “Virtual Business In A Box” product, and to timeline the roll out plan for the next 90 days.

The new features being added to One80 certainly beef this product up. I always felt that it was too lightweight its previous incarnation. The changes are VERY good. There are several big new features being added to this product. The biggest being the launch of a 2:1 Surf Exchange and revenue share “up to” 10%. This reminded me of Traffic Monsoon as they offered up to 10% on adpacks too. Did someone say, “Kerrr-ching??”

You can listen to all the One80 details in the replay, but I skimmed through and listed the highlights below for those who are time challenged.

Call Highlights – One80 Traffic Exchange

There are three membership options


This level allows you to take part in the 2:1 traffic exchange (or surf exchange). You can generate traffic for your website, blog or any site you have for your business and want to promote. For very 2 sites surfed you earn 1 free credit. Now you can use these free credits to buy banner impressions, or website impressions to get traffic to your site. Free members are not qualified earn commissions.


This One80 membership level qualifies you to earn commissions and revenue share, take part in the 2:1 surf exchange, earn free credits, and earn free credits on those who you refer, and those they refer, and those they refer etc. So you are earning extra credits based on other people in your organisation.

Package also includes:-

Full access to VIPDeals phone app (online discount MyDeals portal with hundreds of thousands of savings opportunities).

$25 restaurant.com gift card every month…This means that if you go out to eat once a month you are saving $10 than the cost of your One80 membership.

MyDeals mobile app enables you to save $100’s every month on entertainment, movie theaters, dining, shopping, travel (guarantees the lowest price on hotels, can beat any other company travel deal by 10%), condo rentals, car rental, groceries, coupons and more.

Participate in revenue sharing opportunity to create leveraged residual income.
– Sponsor earns 10%.
– Referral Credit Bonuses 5 Levels (5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%)
– 4x Infinity matrix.

Marketing tools suite: Lead capture pages, autoresponder, contact lead management system.

Ad PacksPurchase advertising: Banner impressions.
For example, if I  go buy $500 worth of Ad packs from One80, my upline is paid $50 for my purchase…when I go surf for the next 55 days I will receive all my advertising dollars back with a 10% increase…so my advertising is free…we can share this with Isagenix, Amway, Melaleuca, TLC, Forever, WorldVentures, Herbalife, Jeunesse…you name it…everyone needs ads and traffic!


With One’s Utlimate Membership you get all the same benefits and features as the $14.95 package (VIPdeals phone app, MyDeals web portal, $25 restaurant.com gift card, take part in the revenue sharing opportunity for leveraged residual income).

Marketing tools suite: Lead capture pages, contact leads management system, email broadcast and autoresponder.

Taxbot phone app and Taxbot web portal for expenses tracking and showing you how you can be saving money with your home business.

You can learn more about the tax saving advantages of Taxbot in a series of MLM Tips blog posts I produced. The average person can save $1,500-$3,000 in taxes on money they are already earning.

MLM Tip #1 – Get FREE Gas for Your Car
MLM Tip #2 – Business Meals That Make You Money
MLM Tip #3 – Double Your Fun with Entertainment Deductions
MLM Tip #4 – Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine
MLM Tip #5 – Sample Your Way to Success

One80 Investment Options – High Risk

4X Trading — Automated Forex Trading system with professional traders doing it for you. You can follow the live trade daily.

Futures & Commodities (coming August) — Live Monday through Friday Futures & Commodities trading room. This give you the opportunity to work with a professional trader who calls out the trades to invest in during live webinars. You simply follow the directions during the webinar.

– Demo account available.
– Broker account comes as part of your One80 membership at no extra cost. This alone saves you $300+ per month in brokerage account fees.

One80 Investment Options – No Risk

Tax Leins (Coming August) — Tax leins training.

Blogging and webinar platform with social sharing system (coming September).
– Promo launching: 2 week trial for just $1.

One80 rev share traffic exchange program

Click here to join EPX ONE80 

EPXbody Nutrition Updates

  • Labels, videos and pack combos coming for the new Nourish, new Instant Detox Weight-Loss Tea, and the new Glucomannan & Apple Pectin fiber pills.
  • Products will listed in the store towards end of July.
  • At home exercise equipment to be sold alongside the tea, shake or instant tea.
  • Coming August. New customer and rep websites.
  • Launching before 1st August a new MSM product.

Compensation Plan Updates

No structural changes to base plan.

With One80:

  • $29.95 level. Get four people has the $30 guaranteed minimum check. Four who get four bonus still $125.00
  • $14.95 level. Still has guaranteed $15 minimum check. No four who get four bonus.

Regional Generation Bonus changes to almost doubles your money (listen to call for details).
Global Bonus Pool dropping except for International VP and Global VP.

Get signed up with EPX One80 on the button link below. Let’s ROCK and help as many people as we can to achieve better health and a better quality of life.  🙂

Join EPXone80 — 2:1 Rev Share Traffic Exchange

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