EPX Body Update Call Replay + Thrive278 Thermogenic Weight Loss Drink Info

epx body productsHere’s the replay of this week’s EPX Body update call, plus the first information released on Thrive278, the exciting new thermogenic weight loss drink featuring African Mango Extract, Raspberry Ketones and Capsimax™ ingredients.

This was a great EPX Body corporate update and  vision call by our CEO. The call covered general updates and exciting news about the first of two new game changing products launching, and other things that are coming down the pike in the very near future as we close out the last quarter of 2013.

Things mentioned on this call:

– new shipper glitches smoothing out
– Enhance and Detox orders caught up
– ACH payout method cranking up to speed
– new Global Bonus Pool launching
– introduction to new blockbuster thermogenic weight loss drink Thrive278
– 3 Day Challenge
– GoGetThin system enhancements
– EPXBody Tools site moving to EPXBody back office for one shipment convenience
– EPX Body vision

Introducing Thrive 278

A large part of this call was given over to introducing Thrive278 thermogenic weight loss drink scheduled for launch on 1st November 2013.

The Thrive278 name has a story behind it and relates to the study done by the University of Oklahoma and a proprietary Trademarked ingredient.

The three key ingredients in Thrive278

– African Mango Extract
– Raspberry Ketones
– Capismax™ (Capsicum red hot peppers and Capsaicinoids their active ingredients)

Some points about Thrive278

– Strong seller in the weight loss performance market
– Available as a stick pack (powder) to mix with water.
– Mixes as a red colour
– Hawaiian punch kind of flavour
– Price $49.95
– Increases metabolism
– Burns average 278 calories
– When taken an hour prior to exercise it burns 12 times more calories for up to an hour after exercise

Update: 10.25.2013: Thrive278 launch has been put on hold until 2014. Listen to EPX Body update call 10.24.2013

EPX Body Update Call Replay 10.03.2013


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