epxbody update call Sept 2014

epx flagAfter the delay of a week the September corporate update call finally happened. It contained some management introductions, updates on CAP (Customer Acquisition Program)… we now have 5 call centers in operation! The Loyalty bonus program for those who remain active in September and recruit. And a teaser about the rebrand launch on 9th/10th January 2015.

I think in a month’s time things will be looking great here, my UK team keeps  growing!

From Corporate: EPX Monthly Call Recap Email

Let us begin by taking a moment and thanking you for being on the call. The response was truly outstanding and we know that is a sign of your leadership and enthusiasm! For those of you who missed the call, you may hear the replay at www.epxnews.com

We have had several questions that you have requested answers to, so let us do our best to field those questions by giving you this call recap email – realizing that there will be more information coming Monday, and throughout next week.

VIP Deals – There were some exciting announcements made relative to VIP Deals. This included everything from the nature of the program, to upcoming training and current call center operations. Dan will be updating you via Google Hangouts next week to answer any questions that you may have, including when you customers will be arriving. Stay tuned for more information!

Our Partners – As part of a publicly traded company, we had the good fortune of hearing from one of our finance partners. They are very excited about our future and the work that we are doing together.

Internal Operations – We were also pleased to hear from our Chief Operations Officer, John Griffin, who talked about the implementation of our internal systems, the fact that were working through all of the issues that we had relative to product delays, and that all backorders have shipped, all products are in stock in the warehouse, and orders are shipping on a continual basis.

In some very exciting news, he also indicated that commission checks for the month of July had been mailed, and that the commission checks for August will be sent next week!

Customer Service – We were so pleased to have our Director of Customer Service, Easton Rutkoski, on the line with us. He has brought energy and dedication to the customer service department, and is doing whatever it takes to provide the kind of customer service you deserve and need.

The Future – Stony Tanner shared the corporate goals for the next 90 days which included some rebranding, emphasizing the things that make EPX a truly one of a kind opportunity. The corporation also debuted its launch event, coming Jan 9th and 10th, 2015! Mark this date on your calendars. Over the next week the corporation will be detailing the location and times associated with this event

Loyalty Bonus – The company also debuted its new loyalty bonus! This bonus, designed to honor the loyalty that you have exhibited so well works like this:

The corporation will take 3% of the global sales of the company and place them in the loyalty bonus pool. The pool will be divided into shares, with one share being given to each person who is active during the month of September. Your monthly auto-ship earns you one share! As an additional incentive- If you can either recruit or re-engage 4 members of your team during the month of September. The company will match your loyalty bonus and essentially Double it!

Join EPX Body here: epxbody.com/ollie

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