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There’s a lot of buzz with EPX180 in the network marketing industry right now. Our team build is growing STRONG and FAST! Sign-ups that purchase a $50 ad pack in the rev share feature are almost being 100% DISTRIBUTOR RETENTION rate too! I think you’ll agree that’s pretty cool, eh? 🙂

Over the weekend there was an EPX180 opportunity call which included a Q&A session with our CEO. He covered many of the product features while answering our questions and concerns.

I have heard on the grapevine that our CEO put in 500 last October and it had grown to 2,000 by March! While Forex trading certainly fluctuates between profit and loss — past performance is no guarantee of future trading performance — all the indicators and 632+ days of back history are certainly pointing toward good vibes for it to be a long-term investment vehicle to grow your money.

What’s more, EPX180 Forex trader feature is professionally managed and traded. It all runs on autopilot without you having to learning Forex trading!

You can listen to the replay of my recording here. I certainly learned a few tidbits on this call about the differences between Forex and Binary Options, and what’s the best funding level for more trading leverage. I could harp on about the benefits of the managed Forex trading feature, but it’s only one of many money making features within EPX180’s  innovative product suite!

If you are not yet a member of EPX180 opportunity, what are you waiting for? You are instantly trading 15.00 for 25.00 right out the gate! It’s a no brainer!

You can read more about the scoop in the blog post I published yesterday: How to Turn $15 into $1,000’s Per Month in 90 Days or Less!! [Team Build]

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