epxbody 90 day healthy living challengeThis EPXBody Challenge Call mainly focused on the obesity causing Type-2 diabetes to help break that alarming trend.

The statistics mentioned on the call about the epidemic of Type-2 diabetes from obesity are alarming

• In 1980 5.5 Million Americans were diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes!

• In 2008 25.6 Million Americans were diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes!

…And what happens in America sooner or later happens worldwide. Here in the UK, we are also seeing the rapid increase in obesity levels and the associated excessive body weight health complications, like Cardiovascular disease, Type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol, osteoarthritis, cancer, pregnancy complications, shortened life expectancy and decreased quality of life too…

A lot of us are touched by diabetes, whether it is ourselves, our loved ones or friends…

In fact, one of my aunt’s became obese. This was partly a result of being on medications that caused her metabolism to slow down, but living a more sedentary lifestyle and seeking comfort in food during a period of depression contributed. She was recently diagnosed as a  Type-2 diabetic.

A lot of this serious stuff is preventable by making more healthy choices. You can overcome these things, and you don’t have to get the onset of adult diabetes because many of these things are controllable with the choices you make with your diet. Of course sometimes there are genetic issues associated with diabetes which make things more tricky to control by diet, or like with my aunt’s side effects of the drugs she was taking to treat another health issue.

The call then talked about helping you make the change in the choices of foods you eat, and short burst exercise regime to help control high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

Another few statistics mentioned grabbed my attention on how serious an issue obesity is becoming worldwide…

– 66% of Americans are over weight.

– 34% are obese (about 72 Million Americans are obese)

– 50% increase in adult obesity over the past 3 decades

The call mentions that on average a child today watches 1480 minutes (close to 24 hours) of television a week, and that 50% of the 4-6 year old’s who when asked to choose if they prefer to watch TV or spend time with their father’s said they preferred television. That a very alarming stat because it means parents are allowing a pattern to set in that will become bad habit forming in their child’s later life. The big issue being, it is our lifestyle and food choices that account for the current obesity epidemic and the frightening child obesity trend is increasing significantly.

The call then moves onto HIT Training – 15 minutes of High Intensity Training has been proven to a very effective way to burn extra calories, and believe it or not, it burns more calories than an hour on the treadmill.

In 2011, a study by the American College of Sports Medicine showed that just two weeks of HIT intervals 2-3 times a week improves your aerobic capacity by as much as 6-8 weeks of endurance training because it elevates your metabolic rate to burn calories during and after training.

Basically, there are eight benefits to doing High Interval Training.

– It’s super efficient and a more time saving way for busy people to exercise.
– You burn more fat and more calories over a 24 hour period, making your weight loss goals easier.
– Leads to having a healthier and more efficient heart.
– No equipment is necessary.
– You will lose weight but do not lose muscle mass.
– Increases your metabolic rate over the following 24 hours after your HIT session, and increases your body’s production of human growth hormone by up to 450% during that 24 hours period.
– You can do a HIT session anywhere.
– It is challenging, but you’ll never get bored doing it.

The call then progressed to talk about reducing the sugar intake from your diet, and suggested various foods and fruits to include as part of a healthy diet.

Check out the amazing EPXBody IgniteMaxx for an increase in energy and appetite suppression, and emphasized the fact that it helps you with your weight loss goals.

The call ended with a Q&A session and some product testimonials. Loved the one about EPXBody Immune for preventing mosquito bites!  

Some of the questions that were asked covered  EPXBody Daily, which helps to promote optimal thyroid function (responsible for your metabolism) has anti-inflammatory properties, and helps detoxify your body. EPXBody Cardio and the benefits of getting that extra L-Arginine into your body.

Check out the rest of the information on Healthy Living Challenge Call Replay here…

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