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Whenever a network marketing organization plan change or to drop part of the product line, as independent business owners on the outside we are in the role of observer. Only in this case change directly impacts our business — Thankfully, it’s all positive news for 2017, and for the blockbuster launch of the Dick Gregory Signature Series beginning this month!

As JFK said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

No matter how good a business is now, unless management continually review and modify the business model, they will be left behind as the world, and competition, moves forward.

Look at the Dow Jones. It launched in 1896 listing a hundred top companies. Today, only one company on that list survived, the rest are no longer in business. As times changed GE constantly reinvented itself to still be a strong business. By their own admission, GE is a completely different company to what it was all those decades ago and, if it continues to remain a successful organization, then it will transform to become a completely different company in another one hundred years.

By now, I think you’re starting to get a feel for what December’s EPXbody update contained. More on all that in just a second, but change can also be a period of incredible excitement and re-invigoration for a business.

After listening to the corporate updates,  I’m excited for next year! Frankly, what’s coming down the pike is the most compelling reason to become part of the EPXbody, and become a torch-bearer of the Dick Gregory Healthy Heart movement.

Okay, let’s dive in to the updates…

You can listen to my replay of the EPXbody December 2016 Update Call here:

Here’s the list of key highlights on this short call

  • The first five minutes or so reflected on the past year. According to our CEO, 2016 wasn’t a bad year, and growth has been steady. Their 4th year in business became a regrouping year after launching many marketing systems — I’d agree with that looking at the growth of my own team.
  • Synergy and evolution of the new vision and direction for 2017, and beyond.
  • Launching aggressive marketing campaigns for the Dick Gregory Signature Series. Tweaks have been made to some formulas, and the new labelling will carry the Dick Gregory Signature Series branding. Products in the Signature Series to include:
    – Instant Detox Plus
    Keto Shake
    – SlimFiber
  • Featured marketing campaigns for Dick Gregory’s Healthy Heart movement, It’s in Your Hands and 5k marches/runs/walks to help create a sense of community.
  • Dick Gregory branding and teaser videos launching mid December 2016
    Starting with four products:
    – Cardio
    – SlimFiber
    Keto Shake
    – Instant Detox Plus
  • Local, regional and national advertising campaigns around Dick Gregory’s Healthy Heart campaign and tour, and also for the 8 Day Metabolism Reset Program.
  • Change and compress the 4×5 compensation structure into a “two team” plan starting 1st January 2017. The compensation basics stay the same…
    – keeping the Guaranteed Minimum Check (4 people to break even)
    – keeping the 4 Generations 10% match
    – keeping the four who get four bonuses
    – keeping the $100 packs… $50 still going to the enroller (break even with 2 people, double money with 4 people). Make up to $700+ p/Mo with just 14-21 people in your organisation!
  • Leveraging influencers to attract more people to EPXbody to take part in “making a difference” community activities.
  • Special December promotions on 8 Day Metabolism Reset and Fast Start Bonuses
  • New Dick Gregory high impact product to launch (expected late January to early February before the official launch of Dick Gregory’s Signature Series).
  • Official Launch of Dick Gregory Signature Series with Healthy Heart Walk to take place in Los Angeles on February 25th 2017.

That’s if for this short update, I have honestly never been more excited about the future of EPXbody than I am right now. There will be winners and losers, but these are exciting times. We have unprecedented opportunities to share these life changing products to achieve a long-term, positive impact on the health on millions of people. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings. Let’s ROCK!!

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