So the New Year is up and running and the first week is behind us. But every January two of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions are to lose weight and to make more money. So it’s timely then that the wraps have come off the Dick Gregory Signature Series to tap these “super-sized” markets. On this page you can listen to the latest EPXbody leadership update and our CEO’s 2017 vision for the Dick Gregory product line. EPX180 had its own call this time, the replay is below too.

Before I deep dive into the EPXbody leadership updates, hang with me, because…

I have short story I want to share with you. And more importantly, it might just be the thing you are looking for that can show you how to finally have success in your mlm business.

How to Win in EPXbody with Facebook

I strongly believe in investing in training to further my education and to learn new skills. So over the holidays I completed multiple 6-figure earner Julie Burk’s new Social Media Recruiter course. I’d already completed an EMP course on attraction marketing in 2016, but I needed to find a simpler way for my new team members to duplicate.

You see, while creating your own blog is the way to go long-term because it brands YOU.Inc and not your company. What’s more, a blog allows you to leverage your time by attracting laser targeted prospects who are ready to sign-up or buy products. But not everyone has the time, wants, skills or the technical aptitude to make such passive marketing approach work for them.

So you need, ONE simple “active prospecting” method that EVERYONE can do from the get go, to get their business off the ground and into profit, quickly.

The answer is to learn a few social media tricks for Facebook.

Why Facebook?

Well, Julie personally sponsored 270+ & grew a team of 8,300 distributors from the comfort of her home in 3 years. 80% of her organization came through Facebook.

Facebook has over 1.79 billion active users and 1.16 billion daily users.

But more importantly it’s a platform that everyone is familiar with.

You just need to learn how to set up your professional profile correctly, the type of branded bait to post, frequency of daily posts, how to reach out to people, and use simple scripts that produce results, quickly.

Here’s a preview snippet of a LIVE virtual class.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Facebook can explode your network marketing business, visit the Social Media Recruiter strategies page.

EPXbody Leadership Update Call 05 JAN 2017

As regular readers of my blog will know, last month’s update had the title, “The End Of EPXbody As We Know It!” Well. on 1st January 2017 the new two teams plan went LIVE.

For many, the change from a 4x matrix to binary was a brutal reshuffle of spill down placements. I didn’t escape the transition unscathed, 18 spill disappeared into the ether. Oh well, but as they were not actively building they’d have dropped out soon enough.

Leadership Call Highlights

  • Immune is now only available on auto-ship. 1-2 months of inventory remaining, then current formula discontinued. Product to be reformulated
  • IgniteMaxx only available on auto-ship. Will be discontinued when inventory depleted
  • Original Detox Tea in the tea bags will be discontinued when inventory has depleted within a few months. Product is already replaced by the enhanced Detox Plus which has same herbs
  • EPXbody call center is being withdrawn due to its lack of use by distributors
  • TurnKey package (which included the call center) is be to discontinued
  • The Dick Gregory Signature Series are seeing huge growth in Torrence area outside Los Angeles
  • Keto shake available in a 16 and 30 servings
  • SlimFiber now available as a month supply, 60 caps for 1 serving (2 caps) a day.
    Note: 8 Day Metabolism Reset uses 2 servings p/day. Bottles available in 32 or 60 capsules.
  • Carson, CA event 25th February for healthy heart 5K event
  • Product line vision and overview… Cardio, Daily, Detox Plus, Keto shake, SlimFiber, MSM
  • Talked through the new two team compensation structure in detail
  • Pay plan and product videos coming
  • Dick Gregory Signature Series and great expectations for 2017
  • New brochures available. New systems coming through January
  • CEO’s concluding coaching pep talk to rally the sales field

Dick Gregory diet and how to reset-metabolism

EPX180 Leadership Update Call January 2017

I think EPX180 is a great virtual business in a box. But in my opinion, with all its features it could do equally well without the surf exchange attached. However, I’ve recently noticed that the ad credits are starting to gain a lot of interest from struggling network marketers in other programs. I was skeptical of Rev Share programs delivering targeted traffic, but I’ve seen with my own eyes that nutrition product sales do come through ads running on it! I know, it’s a shocker isn’t it?? Lol

Leadership Call Highlights

  • Revamping EPX180 main site to tighten things up
  • Back office currently in the process of being tided up
  • Game plan for the 3 different membership levels:
    FREE, $14.95 and $29.95FREE: Membership enables you to get free traffic to your website…Gave an example of an easy prospecting method to use on social media that’s based on the question: “Would you like to get free traffic to your site?”$14.95: Membership still gives you the ability to get free traffic. But you can now buy Ad packs to get 1000 ad credits if you don’t want to surf 20 seconds x 1000 sites.Membership allows you to take part in the Rev Share Pool where 100% of all ad pack revenues are shared with everyone who purchases an ad pack for the advertising credits. In addition to that, they also take two dollars of every $14.95 subscription, and four dollars of every $29.95 subscription, and revenue share that with all those who have purchased ad packs. So it works out at that you get up to 2% per day for 55 days just for viewing 10 sites per day.

    To be clear, the revenue share is not just from ad packs, but every member within EPX180 is contributing to the rev share pool.

    Example: When you buy a $50 ad pack  you are purchasing 1,000 Ad Credits and the ability to share in the Rev Share of every person in EPX180. 10% ($5) goes to the sponsor. People can buy up to 10 ad packs per day. $45 of your $50 ad pack is GUARANTEED to be returned. But to get back the extra $10, you need to surf 10 sites per day.

    Note: EPX180 pays “up to 2% per day” and so far has paid 2% every day since launching.

    Membership includes VIPDeals with the online portal and MyDeals phone app giving access to savings on 100,000s of locations and condo rentals worldwide. Grocery coupons. Plus includes $25.00 certificate every month.

    Membership qualifies you as a home business for the tax benefits.

    $29.95 Membership gives you all the above benefits plus Taxbot app to track all your expenses and tax deductions, GPS mileage tracker, and receipts stored in the cloud. Plus it gives you great tax education on tax breaks you’re entitled to as a business owner.

    Membership teaches you how to grow your money with:
    1) Tax Leins training
    2) Futures S&P 500 trading
    3) Forex
    4) EPX180 compensation structure

  • How to build the business with the EPX180 system. Basic leadership training to get distributors started and prospecting.
  • New marketing videos coming

So that’s it for this short post.

If you want to get involved in “EPXbody” and/or “EPX180” and work with me personally, then visit my EPXbody website here and/or EPX180 website here … or add an EPX180 package to EPXbody shopping cart during registration on EPXbody site. Let’s connect and discuss your goals, and what you want to do…

…You have a choice. You can stay on your current path. This could (possibly) be “Trading Time for Money” in 9-5 job and not living the life of your dreams. Or you can choose the Epxbody and EPX180 path to become financially independent and have the time freedom to do the things you love.

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