EPXbody 4th Anniversary Update Call

I had looked forward to listening to this call, and our CEO didn’t disappoint with the exciting stuff that’s coming with EPXbody. We will have the best retention model and best weight loss system in the network marketing industry. I’m very excited about the future here at EPX. There were a lot updates on this call, but this will be a shorter post by me! Brevity rules!! lol

EPXbody 4th Anniversary Update Call Highlights

This call started out reminding listeners that it’s EPXbody’s 4th anniversary. With 2016 being a Leap Year, another way of looking at it is that we’re celebrating their 1st Birthday! lol

As is the customary format with these calls now, Dan always starts off talking about our whole food nutrition products one by one.

Dan then went on to talk about the strategy for moving forward in EPXbody’s 5th year of business.

Over next 60 days you will see a complete transformation of your body, your income, and also on the company end with what will be available within the 700 Dollar Solution system.

The new $100 packages for the 700 Dollar Solution compensation structure:
Cardio + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea
Immune + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea
Ignite + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea

You earn $50 on these packs, 25cv goes into the rest of the compensation plan and will qualify you for the $500 bonus. The cool thing is, these $100 packs allow you to break even with just two people!! Get 4 people and you have doubled your money!! Get 20 (find your 4, help them find their 4) and you are making $700 per month!

New Performance Packs: $120 (40cv goes into the plan)
Cardio + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea
Immune + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea
Ignite + Daily + 2 pks Detox tea

The 700 Dollar Solution system is already in the process of being revamped right now, videos/ capture sites, Powerpoint, brochures etc. Also, the new customer retail sites are now in development.

Things to launch in May

– Changing the 90 day transformation format
– Looking for 20 volunteers for this new weight loss format
– Marketing materials for the metabolism reset program
– Gift cards to add extra value

A new instant Detox (tea) + Prebiotic/Probiotic + Enzymes Blend Tea. A stick pack that can be consumed hot or cold. Sounds like a very big seller to me! Prebiotics and Probiotics are a big trend in Europe.

It’s my understanding that Prebiotics are better than Probiotics as they’re specialized plant fiber that beneficially nourishes the good bacteria already in the large bowel or colon to act like a fertilizer. They help your good bacteria grow, improving the good-to-bad bacteria ratio. This ratio has a direct correlation to your health and overall wellbeing, from your stomach to your brain.

Nourish 3.0 launching! This will be a stronger weight loss focused meal replacement. The product will launch just as soon as the current Nourish 2.0 inventory has depleted.

Okay, that’s it for this EPXbody update recap post! 

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Look forward to welcoming your to my team! 🙂

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