EPXbody Update Call 03 Sept 2015

On this page you will find the EPXbody September Update Call highlights and audio replay.Ollie Sept 
But first, here’s a short update of my own EPX Body UK and international business success…

Sales at EPX Body UK continue to grow. My EPXbody teams in England, Scotland and Ireland have all had busy summer months with our customers achieving great fat loss results on the Challenge, and from taking Ignitemaxx and drinking the Detox tea.

Our UK EPX team downline duplication is slowly increasing too, and nutrition sales at some gyms are starting to ROCK!!! Great to see some bodybuilders have switched to Cardio to get their L-arginine! 🙂

There will always disappointments on the path to success. I call it character building! LOL Sadly, I’ve not been able to do anything big in South Africa at this juncture, importing the Detox tea there met customs challenges. But the good news is that Africa will rock in 2016, and now that more African countries are getting product approvals it’s just a temporary set back! Winners never quit, right??

FYI, serious players can always pick up or export Cardio from the EPXbody Ghana office to corner their local African market first. If you’re a true Leader, now’s the perfect time to step up to build a big EPX business!

Best EPXbody Team

My international EPXbody teams are starting to reap the fruits from their summer promotional efforts, commissions are rising, tea sales are growing, and some leaders are breaking new ranks. Sales in U.S. are chugging along nicely too!! Sweeeet!!

I’m pushing to start EPX teams in Canada, Dominican Republic, Australia, New Zealand and Germany during the last part of this year. So if you want to join my team get in touch!

As mentioned on the call, EU shipping is smooth, but I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t the occasional bump experienced by someone somewhere. That said, the USPS service is as good as you’ll ever be able to get it at this stage of the EU breakout. The company have done a fantastic job there… and put up with all our whining too! LOL

Having to wait a couple of weeks for product to arrive is not to everyone’s taste, but those on autoship have different mindsets and never notice shipping times. It’s just that first order that people need to fix their heads over. For the most part, the singles get here much quicker than time frame Dan mentions on the call, which is more the norm for big wholesale packs.

Anyway, I’ll stop there before I blab too much. Being the Leaders and pioneers in several countries, we’re now making very good progress being the first movers!!

Okay, let’s get onto the purpose of this post… the highlights from the CEO September update call.

EPX Body September Update Call Highlights

1. EPXbody CEO Dan Putnam shares which international markets you can focus on to grow a big business with the least amount of hassle. EPXbody USA of course being the easiest place to do business! Other great markets are Canada (smooth as U.S.), Ghana (Cardio only), Dominican Republic (full inventory), Central America with El Salvador showing big growth, Europe (27 countries), and Australia and New Zealand.

2. Corporate international trips during last quarter of 2015. First international opportunity meeting will be held on 19th Sept in El Salvador.

3. Upgrading the Detox tea formula (already shipping) to become a more standalone premium product in the market and not be compared with similar teas. New formula is exactly same quantity of 9 herbs in each tea bag, but they have now added two more herbs, Honeybush and Rooibos to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to help to control blood sugar levels, greater weight loss, purifier, alkaliser, cleansing or parasites, colon etc., and many other health benefits the herbs bring.

#Colon Cleansing Tip: For cleansing out the sludge it’s best to make the tea a stronger concentrate than the recommended dilution strength of one gallon because that’s designed for gentle daily consumption.

4. Dan covers the main ingredients benefits of Nourish meal replacement. He sees the product target the low nutritional value processed & fast foods and the synthetic low fibre meal replacement beverage markets more than competing head to head in the body builders protein supplement market. But Nourish can easily compare and compete against those brands.

5. Update on EPXtrader which is having a trading renaissance right now.

Not mentioned on the call, but trader gains from the past few weeks as follows: 16th-21st August 3.9%+, 23th-28th August 4.2%+, August 31st-September 4th 4.88%+.

Forex is a volatile and fluid market, so set and forget for hands free trading by professional traders appeals to many time challenged working professionals and busy mums.

epxtrader-forexEPXtrader September Promotion: Standard $50 per month EPXtrader subscription to use the product, and then instead of the usual minimum $500 to fund your Tallinex trading account, you can now test the waters by funding your trading account with just $100. Plus with subscription you get a $25 Restaurants.com gift card every month and access VIPDeals savings program (same savings that One80 gives access to). Go here & here to learn more about EPXtrader and to instantly get started.

6. Coming in 2015 4th QTR — relaunching the GetEPX system and NEW capture page system for marketing the nutrition products. Slated for October 1st launch. New videos coming for the Detox tea with the two new herbs (Honeybush and Rooibos), and a new 4×4 program 700 Solution tea video coming too along with ones for Nourish and EpxTrader. You can watch the new one for tea with all 11 herbs here:

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