EPXbody update November 2016

In this brief post I share the highlights of EPXbody’s November Update Call. Not only did it contain quite a bit of behind the scenes information, but the ‘Dick Gregory Signature Series’ and proposed fund-raising solution to help the financial crisis that’s facing youth sports in America is definitely something to get excited about. Woo Hoo!

Hang on! There’s something I want to get off my chest

Before I get into the EPXbody Update highlights, I just want to apologize for not capturing the entire call on my recording. It overran the allotted 60 minutes due to a welcome special guest, and he had some marketing insights to share with us all. I had opted to listen via the webcast option, and typical of Sod’s Law to get cut off at the hour mark. But the call was concluding anyway, so you didn’t miss much.

You can listen to my EPXbody Update recording below:

EPXbody Update Call NOV 2016 — Call Highlights

The content of this call was a behind the scenes catch up and topics covered…

  • What’s been happening with EPX180? Dan briefly explained why it’s the best tool for maximizing your tax benefits and savings, and how it benefits the 10-15 million network marketers or direct sales people already involved in a company… then there’s the tens of millions of people looking for an opportunity, or students wanting an introduction to network marketing to make extra money to help pay their college fees.
  • The international 4x brokerage company that EPX180 trader use have ceased accepting investment funds from United States until after the Presidential election is over. A policy that all international brokerage houses seem to have temporarily implemented for their United States members. For international members, EPX180 trader 4x brokerage accounts are still accepting investment funds okay, and it’s business as usual for them.
  • Developing nutrition marketing campaigns with Dick Gregory under the umbrella brand theme of “The Dick Gregory Signature Series.”
  • Some EPXbody products that are to be included within Dick’s Signature Series will have labels changed for the branding.
  • Cardio (Signature Series branded) campaigns on Heart Health education.
  • KetoShake (Signature Series branded) upgrading formula to plant-based proteins. That will keep the vegan’s happy!!
  • Instant Detox Tea Plus (Signature Series branded).
  • Detox Tea (Signature Series branded).
  • IgniteMaxx and Immune being evaluated to include new science developments.
  • Prelaunch materials and labeling on products within the Dick Gregory Signature Series will start to appear mid to late November.
  • Dick Gregory Signature Series launch party and Healthy Heart Walk event in LA and across U.S. on 25th February 2017 (date to be confirmed).
  • Using youth sports and church groups events as fund-raisers… give out information and retail the products. Six packs give them 50%… Dan explains how to on the call
  • Marketing opportunity… EPXbody’s unique fund-raisers concept can give organisations the solution to help the financial crisis in youth sports. Link to article referenced in call replay:  http://money.cnn.com/2016/04/20/news/economy/dicks-sporting-goods-youth-funding/index.html
  • New products to launch during February 2017
  • Dan finished up by talking about the two main campaigns that are coming: [1] Healthy Heart and [2] the 8 Day Metabolism Reset program.

So that’s it for this short post.

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