Here’s some of the most common asked EPXtrader Questions.

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I have shared these from the company Facebook page because I too am receiving many emails and messages that contain the same questions, and these are a big help and time saver!!

So now that you know all the EPXtrader answers, there’s nothing to stop you from setting up your EPXtrader subscription and begin growing your wealth today! 🙂

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EPXtrader FAQ’s

(Please Note: This Q&A will be updated as we continue to receive additional Questions not yet addressed. It is our hopes to help answer all questions for the field so all our members can move forward with confidence to help their team members and to introduce this incredible opportunity to their future prospects. That said, the following questions are from real Epxbody Members. The Questions related to the Broker and EA were answered directly from the Broker and EA Trader. The additional Q&A is a helpful reference of recent questions from our members.)

1) If a person purchases the EPXTRADER $100 quarterly package and sponsors 4 people, does the minimum check then take effect?

 Yes. Once you sponsor 4 people you will qualify for the minimum check bonus. That said, you must have 4 personally sponsored people each month to qualify for the minimum check bonus.

2) Is the minimum check $50 or is the minimum check $33 per month if you are on a quarterly package of Epxtrader?

Answer: The minimum check will reflect your cost of $50.

3) Once you have access to the trading results (anything, long backtests, any statements etc), as it was hard to see the details in the video, then please send them to me so I can see how the EA really performs over certain periods.

Answer: Past performance is no guarantee of future performance so back-tests are generally irrelevant because the market changes all the time. The EPXtrader system is based on a manual trading system and overseen in real-time by a professional trader to ensure stable results. This aspect is not possible to replicate in a back-test which is why we do not provide back-test results.

4) Is there a way to see both past and present results? Or results from the back tests?

Answer: The only results that matter are those you achieve in your own account going forward – what happened in the past is not relevant.

5) Do we have to use their VPS service, or can we use our own? My computer set-up is as reliable as a VPS and normally I use that, so may main question is if we can get the trade copy EA and choose to run it on our own services, after-all we have already paid to use it via the program’s fee.

Answer: Yes. There are no other options. In order to maintain stable and auditable results, the Epxtrader service requires you use their VPS which is included in the monthly service cost. This allows the EA to work properly, without interruptions to internet connectivity and to ensure that latency is reduced to the minimum. This also allows Epxbody/Trader to monitor the monthly payments and service of the EA. If payment lapses for the use of Epxtrader, then the EA will be discontinued for that members account.

6) I am talking to people about EPX Trader and I am getting lots of questions mainly about the fees and details of the broker the system will use?

Answer: Fees are based on a percentage of profits achieved and are charged to your trading account on a monthly basis – if no net gain was achieved during a particular month then there will be no fee. The broker is Tallinex – they are based in Europe and specialize in offering this kind of service to clients from around the world. In particular, they offer extremely favorable trading conditions to US and British Columbia residents which enable the low entry deposit of just $500. Using other brokers would require US and British Columbia residents to make minimum deposits of approximately $5,000 to achieve similar growth potential.

7) What are the fees to make a deposit?

Answer: There are no fees for depositing but certain limits apply – details are available here:

8) What are the fees to make a withdrawal?

Answer: Withdrawal costs are explained here:

9) How are the withdrawals processed? ACH or other payment processor?

Answer: All withdrawals are currently by bank wire transfer.

10) How long after a withdrawal is requested does it take to receive?

Answer: In order to process a withdrawal, there can be no open trades on your account and you must have uploaded “Proof of banking” i.e. the front page of a bank statement, showing in your name, address and bank account details. Provided that is the case, withdrawals are normally processed on the day they are received (there is a Requests system on the Funding menu of your Tallinex back-office) and should normally be received within 2-3 banking days, just like any other wire transfer.

11) What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

Answer: There is no “minimum”.

12) How often can withdrawals be made?

Answer: As frequently as you wish, subject to your account maintaining a minimum balance of $500.

13) What are the trading or per transaction fees?

Answer: There are no additional trading fees beyond the bid-offer spread.

14) When making the initial $500 deposit does the full $500 get traded or do we get to set an amount to start trading with. The concern here is that if the minimum is $500 to open the account and the full amount has to be traded from the beginning on the off chance the trades lose money the first day it would zero out the account and the would be nothing left to work with to make back that days loss.

Answer: Trades are taken based on a reasonable “risk per trade” basis – this means that your account would not be lost due to a single (or even several) bad trades.

15) Once you open the account and start trading does the account always have to maintain a balance of $500 before being able to request a withdrawal?

Answer: You are welcome to withdraw profits at any time, however, withdrawals that would cause your account balance to drop below $500 will result in your account being detached from the EPXtrader system so it will cease to be traded.

16) I purchased the trader myself thinking I would be able to at least login and watch the stats of a live or demo account to get answers for prospects but it appears that is not the case unless I am missing something.

Answer: In order to protect the integrity of the system and to avoid unauthorized trade copying, live access to the system is not permitted. You can, however, monitor snapshots of your balance and equity via your Tallinex back-office profile page.

VIP Deals Q&A:

How do I access VIP Deals through EPXBODY?

Answer: You can access VIP Deals through your backoffice.

Do I get the exact same savings and discounts as in EPX’s One80 product?

Answer: Yes, but EpxTrader package does not come with Taxbot app, One80’s marketing suite, training, contact management and autoresponder systems.

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Risk Disclaimer:   Trading  foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.  Past performance is not indicative of future results.  The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you.  Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objective, level of experience, and risk appetite.  The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.  You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts.

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