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There’s a new strain of flu going round the world right now. According to wikipedia, H2N3 is a subtype of the influenza A virus. But for most people it is simply yet another flu virus that they don’t want to catch.

I have a couple of UK friends sick with a flu virus right now. Others have had exceptionally bad coughs & colds this winter due to a weakened immune system. Some have even had to take staff sickies after catching the dreaded Man Flu! Lol

Joking aside, flu can be deadly for the very young, the very old, the weak and the sick. Thousands of people will die as a result of the latest global flu epidemic.

Flu trends Japan

Flu Trends Japan, 2015. Click to enlarge

Flu Virus Epidemic

The world’s media are fuelling the flu virus frenzy publishing articles on healthy eating for prevention, over-the-counter cold remedies, or the best garlic supplements you should take if you’re unlucky and catch the flu or become sick.

But even so, many of my Japanese Facebook friends have said the flu virus is now rife in their neighbourhood. Flu was trending on Google Trends Japan this week.

With students only recently returning back to school after the long festive break, school campuses make the perfect breeding ground for the latest virus threat to hang around for many months or until warmer weather arrives.

Across the pond in the United States the flu season is now in full swing. It has reached epidemic levels with many hospitalizations in most states. Puerto Rico has a high level of flu cases being reported too. But just look at some of these recent headlines I found after a quick flu search on Google…

U.S. flu epidemic expanding

U.S. Flu Numbers At Epidemic Threshold, Say CDC

Deadly flu epidemic continues to rage with 6 children killed in one week

Flu cases in Chicago area climb

UK flu cases are also starting to make the media headlines

Flu cases ‘highest for three years’

How can you avoid catching flu and what should you do if you’re unlucky enough to catch it?

These days many people’s immune systems have become weak due to poor diet and/or other harmful lifestyles choices. Their immune systems have not been kept sufficiently active and so have become less able to neutralize new and unexpected threats such as a common cold, flu or even a new strain of Influenza virus like N2N3.

In winter many of us get struck down with a common cold, flu, respiratory infection and other illnesses, leaving us out of work for a few days while we try to recover. It’s almost impossible to avoid being exposed to infections in the course of your daily life. The bugs are out there and, despite your best prevention efforts, you may still fall sick.

At this time of the year we always spend more time indoors. We exercise less out in the fresh air. We also spend longer periods in poorly ventilated environments putting us at risk of catching some nasty germs.

If you’ve been unlucky enough to catch the flu virus or get sick, then your best bet is to manage the symptoms and let it pass. But the days when the best advice being offered was to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, take a vitamin C supplement, drink plenty of hot fluids and seek comfort from over-the-counter cold remedies have long passed. Research-based science has shown us new efficient ways to strengthen and keep up our immune system at optimum levels.

What is EPXbody Immune?

EPXbody Immune | Allicin | Garlic health supplement

EPXbody Immune

I first blogged about a natural health supplement called EPXbody Immune a while back. You can read that informative post and listen to MD’s talking about the amazing healing properties of garlic and allicin here: “Facts You Should Know About EPX Body Immune.”

In a nutshell, EPXbody Immune is a highly efficient formula of three ingredients that work in synergy together. It offers powerful protection against a wide range of infectious micro-organisms and toxins that continuously bombard the body. It naturally prevents disease and strengthens the immune system beyond what each of the ingredients could do on their own.

The three cool ingredients are:

Standardized Allicin
Vitamin C – Ester-C

Why is EPXbody Immune so different?

First of all, EPX Body Immune is a far superior product to all other Garlic supplements out there.

It is well-known that Garlic contains a therapeutic chemical called allicin, which is produced when raw garlic is crushed. Allicin encourages white blood cells to reproduce which boosts your body’s defence system. However, allicin is destroyed when garlic is cooked. The experts recommend eating half a clove of raw garlic instead, but most people can’t stomach eating it raw.

Just like all other companies out there that manufacture garlic supplements, EPX Immune is made from fresh garlic too, but that’s where the similarities end.

Most other companies do all kinds of things to try and get it into a format that the body can absorb and use the allicin. Unfortunately allicin is very unstable, and those other companies formulations cannot deliver allicin directly to the blood stream where anti-microbial activity is needed.

In other words, you need to get the allicin directly into the blood stream for it to be the most effective against bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungus and other infectious organisms.

Stabilized allicin

Now this is where EPX Immune differs greatly in that it is using stabilized allicin. Basically, they have captured the allicin in a patented process. A liquid is produced which can then be formulated into a powdered form and added into capsules. The allicin is combined with the two other powerful ingredients to create a synergistic effect that greatly enhances its efficiency. Here’s what Dr. Peter Josling, Formulator and Inventor of Stabilised Allicin and EPX Body Immune has to say.

Quick Science Guide To EPX Body Immune

EPX Body Immune contains three powerful, proven ingredients that work in synergy to protect your body by “waking up” the innate immune system all over the body, especially in the major organs, including the liver, kidneys, and brain.

It eliminates pathogens by delivering the world’s most effective antimicrobial agent – stabilized allicin; it protects your body from repetitive attacks by delivering the most effective form of Vitamin C – Ester-C; and it prevents your immune system from collapsing by activating it with beta-1,3-D-glucan.

The unique combination of these scientifically researched-based ingredients works synergistically to prevent infections and kill pathogens – creating a highly efficient formula for immune system protection beyond what each of the ingredients could do on its own. Fortify your body’s defences with a much-needed natural boost.

“This formulation EPX Body Immune is without doubt the #1 immune protector in existence – when used properly it offers everyone the chance to enhance and protect their immunity from all manner of pathogenic attacks.” – Dr. Peter Josling, Formulator and Inventor of Stabilised Allicin and EPX Body Immune.

“EPX Body Immune is an awesome immune boosting product. It soon cleared up my foot fungus that I had picked up from a public swimming pool shower or changing area. I’ve also not had a cold or even a sniffle in the two years that I’ve been a user of the product. It’s good stuff, does not give me a garlic breath either. Living out in the countryside, I also discovered that it works well for keeps the mozzies away during the summer months too!” — Ollie Relfe, UK


So there you have it. If you have any questions about EPXbody Immune just ask. But click the button below to Order EPX Body Immune either as a Preferred Customer or Distributor.

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Ollie Relfe: Independent EPX Body Distributor.
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** “Ask The Doc” Replay 13th Jan 2015 **

Dr.Peter Josling, formulator and inventor of Stabilised Allicin and EPXbody Immune was guest speaker on a great immune call. He talked about EPX Immune, infections and the current flu virus epidemic that’s been sweeping the globe. He also briefly talked about the quality differences between garlic supplements that are being sold out there.

The really interesting part of this call was the Live “Ask The Doc” Q&A. Topics covered: overactive immune system, asthma, detox, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive problems, normalize bowl motions, fibromyalgia, immune system during cancer treatment, skin rash, and briefly about autoimmune disease.


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