I ‘ve been following Eric Worre for a long while now. He’s a guy who has a big passion for network marketing and helping many, many people develop and grow their business.

He posts new videos frequently on his blog NetworkMarketingPro and really connects with his audience.

Hard to believe that Eric was once an amateur in the network marketing industry just like we all were once, but he’s a great example of how a person develops and grows in this profession.

If you get time, check out some of the more recent videos in the archives. But I have embeded episodes #51, #52 and #53 below from that list, because Eric talks about the five steps to building an active and ever expanding network marketing candidate list.

For me personally, building a list of friends and family — like the upline tells you to do — simply didn’t work. The reason being, my friends and family were not at a point in their lives when they wanted to become involved in the NWM / MLM industry. They weren’t sick and tired of being sick and tired, they were focused on putting in the extra hours trying to move up the corporate ladder and not working on a residual income Plan B.

Or course, many become customers or passed my details to a contact who might be interested, so I’d never leave friends and family off my list in being aware of what my new business is and left it to them to ask me if they want to move forward an join it. Yes, that does happen and kind of takes you by surprise!

However, I’ve always found my network marketing business builders by actively sorting and sifting people from my cold market online, and then making them my warm market by building a relationship through attraction marketing. These days I do it by using Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Anyway, enjoy these excellent videos and make an effort to watch at least one of Eric’s videos a day. I promise you that you will become more passionate about building your network marketing business.

How to prospect introduction. #51

Steps 1-2 to building an active network marketing candidate list. #52

Steps 3-5 to building an active network marketing candidate list. #53

Network Marketing - Attraction Marketing Formula

Written by Ollie
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