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The inspiration for this post came from a prospect who PM’d me after I posted a status update about my nutritional business (see my PS at the end). He told me he was a novice network marketer and that his biggest concern about joining any MLM business was how to generate network marketing leads.

He was keen to join our opportunity, but very reluctant to go ahead and sign-up until he had the answers. He feared he would have to become an expert online marketer, set up complicated systems, learn a bunch of new techie stuff, and then spend time generating (or buying) traffic.

Let’s face it, many people think this is what it takes to be successful online in network marketing, but nothing could be further from the truth. I learned this on my own simple path while doing NWM online!

In any case, I see his concerns come up very often when prospecting online. So, I thought it would be worthy of a blog post to set the record straight and give a solution.

You’ll be glad to know that what I am about to share is by far a superior and quicker method of lead generation than what most Internet network marketing gurus are teaching. More on that in just a second…

Whilst I’m all for creating multiple streams of income using the guru methods, and I use them myself to promote digital affiliate products…. this blog is a perfect example of what resulted from things I learned about “attraction marketing” and from the Elite Marketing Pro Blog, the and the free 10-Day EMP Recruiting Bootcamp etc.

But the downside is they need more upfront outlay, have a longer learning curve, have many moving parts to master, need a little technical knowledge and programming skills, and the sale funnel process itself takes longer before people will take a look at your network marketing opportunity or buy your products.

It’s a different way to go about marketing for sure, and one that will appeal to a different audience than where most NWM newbies will be willing to start at. They want SIMPLE! They want to make money TODAY!!

Now, what I am about to show here gets you started immediately. No steep learning curve or technical skills required because anyone can do it….even on their smartphone!

In truth, I discovered many marketing techniques that work if you have the money and time to learn how to set them up properly.

But here’s the thing, network marketing is all about duplication. The easier and quicker it is to duplicate, the quicker you’ll create that life changing dream income.

A solid lead generation strategy

After trying many different kinds of marketing methods and lead generation strategies to build my downline, I came across a solid lead generation strategy that was used by top income earners in network marketing and the direct sales industry.

Make no mistake, the marketing formula I discovered works for generating endless free leads for any kind of business and not just for network marketing. You can make a sale or gain a new sign-up in as little as 50 minutes work a day. It’s been proven!

But I am getting ahead of myself here. Let me switch gears for a moment and get back to prospects story.

You know, I really love people who ask questions or seek out information to make a more informed decision. They are focused on putting together their ‘HOW’ to ensure success. They also have a more realistic plan on how to achieve their much larger goals in life.

Let’s face it, the way in which some people will go about certain things instantly separates the professional from the lazy network marketer.

To be successful in network marketing or direct sales takes hard work and an ongoing COMMITMENT. You have to be persistent and persevere. But to stay the course and remain focused you need a solid daily strategy to follow.

My prospect’s fears are caused by the 3 biggest reason’s people fail in network marketing.

They do not believe it’s possible.
They do not have the skills they need.
They do not have enough people to talk to every single day.

As you might guess, without a solid system to generate leads no business will advance.

What’s more, when starting up you will definitely want to leverage free methods in the beginning. So having a strong lead generation system in place strengthens your belief that success really is attainable.

The perfect solution

Don’t worry, I have found the perfect solution. A quick and easy free way to generate endless free leads on Facebook and Linkedin (or any social sites) without the need for a website, lead capture systems, a mailing list, traffic, airplane tickets, advertising costs, marketing costs, cold calls, rejection, travel expenses or buying leads.

You see, Facebook and other social networks have made things easier in many ways, and while there are a lot of complicated systems, traffic generators, list builders and all kinds of social media guru’s, I found the girl with the easiest and fastest method to generating new business and free leads online, especially with Facebook. She’s well respected within the NWM industry, has made a seven-figure income, and has been teaching these exact proven social media strategies to her team for many years. These strategies are the best-kept secret of most top income earners out there.

The best part is, her methods produce instant results and can be immediately duplicated by everyone you bring into your business. You’d be amazed at how fast your business would increase if your people were using her methods. It’s so easy and so much fun, you might find yourself enjoying it. I know I do!

What’s more, with an endless source of free leads ( 1.6 Billion on Facebook alone! ); it’s a simple way to filter out perfect prospects by gender, location, profession, age group, personal interests, and so much more. Her proven scripts qualify and close them; success in your business is not only possible, it’s a certainty when you follow some simple proven steps.

I’d certainly be happy to show you a few things and save you some time and help you make money myself, but you need to learn this foolproof “Recruiting Formula” from the master of social networking herself, my mentor.

If your current mindset is like my prospect, and you are interested in learning how to generate unlimited free leads and making sales every day on Facebook or Linkedin without a website, then download her guide on how to create a social media recruiting frenzy. The booklet provides a great overview on how to recruit with social media correctly. It’s jam-packed with practical tips to immediately implement and get going with the social network marketing approach.

Socal Media Recruiting Frenzy

This free Social Media Recruiting Frenzy PDF is for people who:

– Hate approaching their warm market list of friends
– Hate cold calling and talking to strangers
– Don’t want to be “pushy” or seen as a salesperson
– Must prospect fast around a busy schedule
– Are sometimes shy and introverted.
– Don’t have a big warm market list of friends
– Don’t have computer skills
– Don’t have phone skills
– Don’t have sales skills
– Want to leap from part-time to full-time!

While you read through this PDF you’ll be shown:

– How to grow your business locally, nationally and internationally on Facebook and Linkedin using their latest features and applications that produce immediate results.
– How to fill the room with your prospects at your company events anywhere in the world.
– How to make sales every day in less than an hour on any mobile device.
– How to transform your loyal customers into excited business builders.
– How to text your way to daily sales.

Included will be examples prospecting and recruiting scripts you can use in any country – China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Columbia, Russia, France, Japan and the list goes on.

Just as it has done for my prospect who downloaded it and started in his NWM business, following the advice in her free booklet will help you build an International business without a passport or getting on an airplane.

This PDF booklet will lay the groundwork for easier and faster success in your business. Just think about how much time and money you will save while MAKING SALES DAILY…….WITHOUT:

– A Website!
– A Mailing List!
– Generating Traffic!
– Advertising Costs!
– Marketing Costs!
– Cold Calls!
– Rejection!

Download your copy of the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy and watch your recruiting numbers SOAR while your competition is scratching their heads wondering how you’re doing it. I make this free PDF required reading for all those on my success team.

Here’s the link to the free PDF download:

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