How to start with EPX180 VIPDeals apps

“I’ve just got a new EPX180 sign-up, what do I do next to help them get set up?”

That was the question someone on my team asked me on Facebook today. It’s a good question. Here’s the answer…

1. Set up your VIPDeals Direct Account

Login to your back office

Scroll down until you see the grey box that says “VIPDeals Direct Account Setup”

Select “Click Here” and view your VIPDeals Direct account details.

You will be taken to a page where you will find your username and password for VIPDeals

Login with the username and password you just received. This password will be generic and you can reset it once you login.

Type in your zip code (or any zip code where you are) and you should have full access to the coupons and savings near you

2. Download the MyDeals app

On your smart phone, go to the “Google Play store” or “App Store”

Search for the “MyDeals” app – The icon is a gray square with green writing

Download the app – it is FREE so if it tries to charge you, you have the wrong app.

Once downloaded, open the app and fill out your information. It will ask you for a mobile password. The password will be: 1313-123456

If you have any questions about VIP Deals specifically, please call them at (877) 960-4220

3. Download the Taxbot app

On your smart phone, go to the “Google Play store” or “App Store”

Search “Taxbot” – The icon is orange with a little robot on it

Download the app – it is FREE so if it tries to charge you, you have the wrong app

If you have any questions specifically about Taxbot, please call them at (877) 960 – 4220

4. Get your restaurant gift certificate

Be sure you followed Step 1 and have set up your VIPDeals account. Logiin to VIPDeals and click on “Gift Certificate”

Click on “Redeem Code” and it will direct you to a new page at

If it is your first time using you will need to create an account on the top right hand side. Select “my account” and then “create new”

After you have created the account, click the “Redeem Gift” tab at the top of the page

Apply the code you were given and save to your account

Remember – you cannot redeem 2 codes at once. The codes you receive will not expire but if you enter one, you cannot enter another one until the first one has been all used.

Important: Write your codes down. If you miss a month, there is no way for us to go back and get the code for you.

That’s it! You are now set up.

If you are not yet a member of EPX180 you are missing out on making huge savings and a great source of extra income. Watch the side business video below, get started by enrolling into EPX 180 and then follow the instructions above.

Get started in EPX 180 today:

Written by Ollie

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