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This week I started reading a brilliant new book called GO FOR NO!® for Network Marketing. I read the original Go For NO!® best-selling book, also by authors Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, about 7-8 years ago.

This new companion guide is specifically for those involved in the Network Marketing profession, but its concepts could easily be applied by anyone in direct sales, in business, or even in ones personal life. The scope of the book reaches out beyond its main pitch to the tens of millions of Network Marketers out there.

In network marketing, you will often hear NO — Get used to it!

How you choose to react when you hear this emotionally loaded word will depend on how well you reframe your mindset to look at NOes in a more positive and purposeful way.

When you start to look at the NOes as being part of a strategy, your perspective shifts to embrace a new challenge. But if you don’t change the way you think about NO, then you will become too attached to the outcome which will put you off your game.. and may even cause you to quit chasing your dream.

My mentor, Ray Higdon, has his name on the cover of this excellent new book. But its pages are not devoted to his success story or how he overcame all the NOes he experienced on his journey to success.

The book has many stories from other successful network marketers, many who overcame their adversity because they learned to look at NO in a more strategic way.

Ray’s thoughts (takes) are certainly peppered throughout the book like a summary commentary to the concepts the author talks about in each section. He provides insights and sound advice which you will find very helpful in your own thinking.

I love the short chapters in this book. It’s very convenient because if you have a busy life with constant interruptions, it becomes much more difficult to read a book from cover to cover in one sitting. With each chapter being just a few pages long, it is much easier to absorb the concepts and ideas the authors make.

The authors have done a good job in making it an easy read. It will certainly empower you to look at NOes in a more positive and strategic way, or in ways that you possibly never thought of before.

In a nutshell, Go for No! for Network Marketing is giving you the proven strategy for failing your way to success.. and taking your business to the level you have always dreamed about. It’s about learning to use your mind to help you to achieve the important things in your life.

“Know that you have the power to decide how your life is going to go. You have the power to succeed and there’s no stopping you.Jackie Christiansen

Network marketing is a long-term endeavor, not a quick fix or short-term solution. You will get a many NOes and rejection along the way. You might even have to start over from zero more than once, or even twice or more. So having a vision, and a strategy to turn all the NOes and negativity of failures to your advantage, makes good business sense.

Go For NO! for network marketingI’ll leave you with the authors last thought that the fear of failure and rejection are a burden you DO NOT have to carry. You can choose to leave it behind or carry it with you and allow your mind limit your success.

I highly recommend getting a your own copy of this book. It’s an enlightening read for sure! Then start to implement the concepts and join the Million NO’s Challenge while you take your business to new levels of achievement.

You can find Go for No! for Network Marketing in the Amazon store.

Grab your copy today because readers are leaders!

And if you have followed Ray Higdon for a while, then you’ll already have grasped his ILT (Invest, Learn, Teach) blogging strategy. There’s plenty of gold nuggets in this book to spark content ideas for future blog posts or Facebook lives.

If you have read Go for No! for Network Marketing, then please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts on NO. 

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