Epxbody 05NOV 2015 Update Call - Turnkey Residual System

October was a productive month for nearly all my Epxbody Teamies. Some great fat loss results achieved on the Challenge among Team Scotland’s gym members too! Even the South Africa tea orders finally surfaced to end the month with a positive WHOA!!! WELL DONE GUYS!! 🙂

There were some amusing moments during October too, like when a personal sign-up who had just returned to EPX for the second time, immediately went off and joined that “other tea company”, to discover income hype, smaller tea bags, longer shipping times and compromised ingredient quality. No surprise then to learn that they had already moved on to the next shiny object to rinse & repeat!

You know, it saddens me that people keep jumping from program to program without seeing success.

Epxbody Team USAI list “focus issues” as being one of the primary reasons why people fail in their NWM business. If you can’t stick with something yourself, work through the issues or develop your skill set, then how can you seriously expect to build legacy residual income? If you don’t make a plan, write down goals with deadlines attached, then you are just setting yourself up for failure.

Anyway, my teams and I are looking forward a fantastic November and closing out 2015 with a bang!!

I have already welcomed Epxbody Team USA on board because they see the huge income potential with the turnkey residual system. That’s the awesome power that is word of mouth at work!! I didn’t even have the turnkey system, but I still signed them up! Seize the day!! Carpe diem!! Let’s ROCK guys!!

Okay, on to the purpose of this post to recap the November Update Call.

EPXbody November Update Call Highlights

[02:00-34:45] The first part of this call covered the “Epxbody Vision”
– lifestyle choices,
– personal development
leverage 5-10 hours per week building a part time business
– what makes EPX significantly different from all other home business opportunities
– differences and advantages Epxbody products have compared to our competitors
– Challenge program and getting paid to lose weight
– and finally setting things up for 2016 … covered below.

[34:46-44:22] Turnkey Residual System Overview
An explanation of the Epxbody turnkey residual system that has been designed to overcome all the difficult problems network marketers face when duplicating the sign-up process; from promoting and marketing, to presenting the business, to answering questions and overcoming objections, to closing the sale, and finally to teaching your new recruits to do the same.

Now we have a professional staffed CALL CENTER to do all that hard work for you making your distributor life much easier. In essence, it becomes a 3 step process, all the distributor has to focus on is learn how to promote, and Epxbody provides all the necessary tools and training to build your list — the system video and sizzle call does all the presenting, and then the call center does all the hard work of answering their questions and isolating any objections, and then closes the lead for you.

Epxbody turnkey residual pack[44:23-49:48]  New 100.00 Turnkey Residual Busines Builder Pack
It includes 4 packs of EPXBody Detox tea (1 months supply), 50 post cards, 50 peel and stick direct mail leads, 20 internet leads (people who have responded to some home business ad within the last 24-48 hours), our call center working for you 54 hours per week, vipdeals savings program, and taxbot (see my blog post: Aspiring Entrepreneurs Choose a One80 Virtual Business in a Box – Now It’s Your Turn).  This is everything you need to build a big business with Epxbody and save thousands of dollars a year on your taxes by starting a home based business.

[49:49-52:17] Clarification on distributor misunderstandings about using the Detox tea.

[52:26-53:00] Introducing a distributor recognition program, rewards trips (by New Year) and monthly newsletter published around 10th of each month.

[53:01:53:52] New back office training system section with sample classified ads, message & email files, best practices, videos and other uploads.

[53:53-54:34] Reminder about it being the colds & flu season, everyone should protect their immune system with Epxbody Immune (see my product blog post: “Facts You Should Know About EPXbody Immune” )

[54:35-55:10] New product website with a simple Amazon like checkout for enhancing our retail sales. Slated for December launch. 🙂

[55:11-57:48] New professional system for people who own gyms, chiropractors, health spas, beauty salons, health stores etc., who just want to set up an account and buy products and be bothered with mlm side.

Feel free to ask questions, leave comments or share with your friends – I’m happy to share my expertise and positive EPX sunshine!!! Get signed up on the link below. Let’s ROCK and help as many people as we can to achieve a better quality of life. Teamwork makes the dream work!! 🙂

Ready to Rock? Click Here to Join EPXbody

Do not want to become a distributor? That’s okay! You can order Detox Herbal Tea as a Preferred Customer (join free). Just go to my EPXbody site and:
1. Click on the “get started” link in the menu bar.
2. Select “Preferred Customer” option.
3. Complete your account details, shipping and card details.
4. Add the products to the shopping cart.
5. Check out to confirm your order.
6. Submit order. That’s it! Check your email for the order receipt!
NB: EPXbody products ship worldwide to any country shown in the drop down menu on the enrol/order page.

PS: AS SOON AS YOU JOIN EPX Body, you qualify for government subsidy (free money). See my blog post… “MLM Tip #4 – Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine” 

PPS: Need a proven simple strategy to get tons more leads for your home business? Check out my Facebook Scripts post. The bottom line… with the right Facebook scripts and tutorial system you’ll have everything you need to become a “Prospecting Master“ to drive leads to the turnkey presentations and call center.

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