learn to speak mandarin language

As a global network marketer I am always meeting Chinese people involved in direct sales on my travels or over the internet.

Indeed…with Chinese being spoken by +845 million people around the world, the chance of being contacted by a Chinese speaking person wishing to join my EPXBody business opportunity is very high.

I’m not kidding, it has already happened on several occasions and communications became somewhat challenging. Google Translate doesn’t always translate things correctly either!

Another thing, I read in the Washington Post that Chinese has overtaken French as the most common language in the United States other than English or Spanish.

And that’s why I decided that learning some basic Chinese will be a useful language for me to know. You see, I plan to take the EPXBody business opportunity to Hong Kong and Taiwan.

But there’s just one problem… Chinese is such a hard language to learn!

It’s true. Even the Chinese themselves admit that learning to speak Mandarin is difficult.

Now being a visual learner, I have tried several systems that proclaimed to be the best way to learn Chinese. But I became frustrated with their teaching methods. They were not working for me and I quickly forgot all that I had learned. Has this ever happened to you?

Well, here’s something you probably don’t know about…

learn to speak mandarin languageLast week a new visual learning system was published that has given me renewed hope.

The book is the new way to learn and read Chinese. It is called Chineasy™ and has been designed to make it easy for any one to quickly learn the essential building blocks that form the core of Chinese characters. They have been broken down and simplified into their most basic and recurring forms to allow new Chinese language students, like me, to learn fewer and simpler building blocks. It’s a new way and makes it quicker to learn Chinese. 🙂

Check out Chineasy™ on Amazon. I think it is the best way to learn Mandarin language.

Written by Ollie
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