This week has been very hectic with tons of good things happening on all network marketing and home business fronts.

Yep! After my holiday (which now seems like a long time ago) I jumped straight back into the network marketing fray with vim and vigor..!!

…But I still found time to plant some flowers and shop for a new cycling shirt. LOL

Daily Marketing Coach Weekly Call InviteThe good news is that affiliate sales are up, and I’m also seeing more frequent 2-tier commissions coming through The Renegade System (it’s more than just an ebook). Leads now also being exposed to the higher ticket Daily Marketing Coach community founded by Ann Sieg and 80/20 Marketing.

It didn’t take me long to get love the Renegade system, mainly because savvy Network Marketers buy a lot of marketing tools and training products (over 40 products) in the backend. The training is super top-notch, and even I needed to upgrade my marketing skills to learn what is currently working online.

The Renegade SystemBasically, The Renegade System really solves the marketing problem faced by ALL network marketers, that is to say, it is the #1 go-to course for structured training on how to build brand YOU, become a more competent marketer, while generating eager qualified leads and cashflow.

Anyway, I love to login to my backoffice to check the reports and find $$$ surprises made on my team’s referral sales. People who have also walked the same path as me are achieving success too. It’s a good feeling! 🙂

The Attraction Marketers ManifestoOpt-ins and downloads of The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto free ebook have also doubled during the month of July. I’m stoked! 🙂

Through my hard work and continuous efforts, I have successfully managed to get a ton more traffic to The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing free ebook and to The Renegade Network Marketer ebook capture page too.  I hope to move the latter ebook to paid advertising methods soon and accelerate my growth. 🙂

Tweaking my blog

Also this week, whenever I’ve had a spare moment I’ve been updating all my web properties, including the much needed tweaking of this blog.

What you see is really just the tip of the iceberg, there are many redirected links from old posts that were deleted due to outdated content, program changes or the programs went kaput! But their search engine listings continue to send me traffic off their links.

My EPXbody highlights for the week…

My business continues to make steady progress, but I’m waiting to hear an update on the opening of the EU distribution center after it was mentioned during a call that approvals for some countries are still works in progress. If you are reading this Dan, how about an update on it mate??

ninety day challenge

With so many EPXBody calls taking place each week covering many different topics, I decided to collate them all into one post this week….more for time convenience than anything else!

One call I haven’t included on this page is this week’s Challenge call. This is because I have already blogged about it and put up some success story photos to let the results speak for themselves. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

To listen to the call, go to my Healthy Living Challenge post about getting paid to lose weight and scroll to the bottom of the page for the link.

PHP Lead Training

There were another couple of great PHP Lead Training calls this week.

I like these People Helping People calls as we get to listen in to the “live dials” made by lead generation vendor Bambi Lathrop.

So far this has been an informative lead generation training series, and it’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who ends up having to leave prospect a VM message instead.



One80 Upgrade Call


I finally took the plunge and purchased the One80 system on Friday, and within a few hours I had already started seeing subscribers opt-in to my list.

You may well be thinking, “why did I did not  jump into the One80 system before?”

Well, I have this thing about not paying for half built systems!

Up until now, the One80 marketing suite has certainly had its delays in becoming a completed product.


While TaxBot and the GPS mileage tracking app within it could easily justify the purchase straight away, I  have not had the spare time to sit down and look into changing the way that I currently do all my business record keeping, tracking of mileage and other home business expenses.

Nevertheless, One80 with TaxBox is an impressive system that offers a ton of value.

Now that the “how to” training videos to help newbies fill their One80 marketing funnel are rolling off the production line, I felt that it was time to move forward and give it some welly!

Corporate Update and One80 Training – 08.01.2013

There were some corporate updates by Dan on this call, but the majority of it was given over to basic training …eerherm! I mean the soft sell of One80 to the membership! Just kidding! LOL

Check out my One80 capture page.




“Helping you make money is my #1 priority.


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