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If you know me, you know I’m into internet marketing and social network marketing, and frankly I love it. It helps my nutritional related business and coaching streams of income.

Over the years I’ve purchased dozens of guru’s ebooks, CD’s, audios, videos and training programs, mainly on the theme of how to attract prospects to your online network marketing opportunity. I have learned many things from nearly all of them. I regard it as money well spent to develop my communication skills and mindset. If you want to become the best, you need to feed your mind and learn from the best!

Missing pieces of the marketing puzzle

While these guru’s tell you exactly what’s working now on the Internet to build a business, the one thing they all fall short on is the actual implementation of your own business or niche. You are more or less left hanging on your own to figure out what are the missing pieces of a complex puzzle.

daily marketing coach ann siegI came across Ann Sieg’s “The Renegade Blog” a long time ago. I purchased her best-selling book The Renegade Network Marketer and have implemented many things I learned in my businesses. Actually, this blog first came into being as a direct result of one of her ebooks and training modules.

What I like about Ann is that she’s not just a successful internet marketer teaching people to be internet network marketers (she will teach you how to do that for sure if you want), but, she’s teaching businesses of all kinds how to use attraction marketing. She teaches smart beginners how to leverage the internet specifically for their type of business (regardless of what it is), and produces customized training for you and for your own success. I know…I’ve been through the self-empowering ebooks myself.

The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto is not just for internet marketers and network marketers, it’s for all smart beginners too!

It’s not just jam-packed with top-notch educational content, it’s a marketers university of the highest caliber. AMM is universal in its application for anyone wanting to market their business online.  And just like Ann, many of my own followers are network marketers. What lead me to her, is the exact same thing that appeals to many network marketers and distributors who are looking to leverage the internet.

Ann developed her attraction marketing methods specifically for network marketers. These same methods work for authors, realtors, doctors, dentists, affiliates, marketers, online marketers, attorneys, fitness trainers, local brick and mortar businesses, service providers. The list goes on. Pretty much anyone that would like to position themselves to magnetically attract business and prospects come to them.

I strongly recommend you read her book The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto which you can download free. This book gives a much better explanation of the attraction marketing process and the mindset that you’ll develop creating your success.

Traditional business owners are likely to already have a stronger developed mindset as far as what it takes to succeed. Many network marketers have not owned a traditional business and are often told network marketing is a way to get rich quick. So they come in with big expectations.

The reality is, it takes a ton of skill.

Now, this is where her other free report, The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing will help you. It’s an easy quick read, and you might find it informative and entertaining.

Staying Current in the Forever Changing Network Marketing Space

Sadly, nothing lasts forever! Ann moved on from being active in the network marketing space. Her training company took her in the direction of e-commerce. She now teaches people how to set up stores to sell on Amazon and eBay.

Social media platforms continue to evolve and change their format. Strategies that worked well for many years are now less effective. But the attraction marketing principles taught by Ann, will always remain. However, we must continue to learn new and more effective strategies if we are to continue to grow and get the best results out of social media.

If you are interested in using social media recruit people into your network marketing opportunity and want to jump in and learn some advanced attraction marketing strategies that will have prospects coming to you. Then you might want to check out the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy (FREE download). It’s a free how to guide on lead generation using social media. It was put together by seven-figure earner Julie Burke. I highly recommend downloading your free copy and putting her strategies into action!

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Written by Ollie
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