WPtouch wordpress pluginAfter checking my blog analytics this morning I noticed the number of people who were browsing my site via mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and iPod Touch had increased significantly.

As more and more people now interact with the interweb via their smartphone, it has become very important to make any WP blog mobile devices friendly.

I recently relaunched this blog, and decided now’s the time to look into what WordPress plugins will convert the current theme into an optimized version, and also deliver a fast load time on mobile broadband.

A quick search revealed that there were not that many free WP plugins to choose from. I didn’t want to use a paid service or go premium upgrade until I have increased my site traffic significantly, and then I would probably wonder if it would be better to build a mobile site from scratch.

The popular plugins I found I listed below. But  having read comments on various geek sites it seems to be a trial and error chore process to see which one works best for the type of WP theme and content on your blog…and your own personal preference and frustration levels! 😉

With smartphone technology changing very rapidly I imagine these plugins will be constantly need to be updated. There were many others that showed up in a search, but seeing as they hadn’t been updated in like two years, I passed on them.

I’m starting my trial with the free version of the WPtouch as they have had 3.6M downloads and the devs are active on updates, but I expect I will have gone through all these WP plugins to see which one works the best for me.

WordPress Mobile Pack
WPtouch and WPtouch Pro
WP Mobile Edition

So with that I wrap up my list of the best WordPress plugins for mobile blogging. Most of the above plugins I found from research work with almost all smartphones. Your on topic comments are always appreciated.

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