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Have you considered that your belief system may not be on the right path for success? Read about what has worked for me. With a simple recipe I’ve been able to turn my struggling home business into becoming a success story and will share what I’ve learned.

Now here’s the thing about the network marketing industry, all network marketing companies suffer from high ATTRITION and my home business did too for a while. It was so frustrating!

What’s more, mlm companies catch momentum and that only lasts for maybe a year or two and then the mass attrition starts to kick in. Those who were struggling or don’t hold themselves accountable for their lack of progress will jump into the next shiny object that comes along.

The thing is, the grass is always the greenest where you water it. I wrote a post about that, you may want to check it out later.

For us network marketers it can become an ongoing battle to always stay a few steps ahead of the attrition. Of course, what company you align with can partly remedy this problem because some programs are more duplicateable than others, but you will NEVER eliminate it 100%.

In essence attrition largely comes as a result of having a weak belief system (at the subconscious level) which makes it almost impossible for some people to succeed in this kind of business. The other problem being people as a rule are much more externally motivated (instructed, supervised, etc.,) and what happens in their universe influences their mindset. As an IBO (Independent Business Owner) the motivation MUST flow from within.

Headless chicken syndrome!

In my first few months in network marketing, I was running around like a headless chicken. It was all so new to me. I was totally doing all the wrong things. My sponsor signed me up and left me on my own to figure it all out. He was too busy signing up more and more people and not training new his recruits to become successful.

It’s a fact, SUCCESS and DUPLICATION are more likely to occur when signups have a clear plan to follow and are nurtured during their critical first 90 days.

There are daily activities that you MUST DO to make sure your home business is a success, but the truth is most network marketers will do absolutely NOTHING … which of course is the wrong mindset to have if you are wanting success. It does not set a good example of leadership to instill action or duplication in recruits. Any wonder then that so many network marketers don’t see lasting success.

Btw, a great book called “The Four Year Career” by Richard Bliss Brooke helped me to truly understand the mechanics and mastery of network marketing.

Anyway, I don’t blame my sponsor(s) as they were not being taught to do anything different by their upline. The programs themselves also promoted that kind of mentality in the way the pay plans are structured… i.e., high break-even point, costly monthly autoship or qualifier for residuals that would even make a ‘go-getter’ gulp!!

But the thing is, I was smart enough to know that I needed to learn new skills…then go talk to many more people. I had to learn how to efficiently turn a cold market into a warm market, personal branding, attraction marketing, microblogging and so forth.

So I started myself on my own program of self-development, to become accountable for my actions and many failures — and of course celebrate the successes when they happened. 🙂 And while going through that process I eventually discovered how I should do things correctly to achieve the kind of network marketing success I craved.

For those who are thinking of quitting MLM forever, you might like to read my “Are You Three Feet From Gold?” post so you won’t be “that guy!”

As the saying goes, “success starts with you!”

For Those That Need To Know The Rules On How To Prosper In Network marketing.

1) You need to have a method or platform for contacting many people on.

I mainly use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as they’re easy to reach out to millions of people on. They are my LIST!! Connect with me on LinkedIn.

2) You need a SIMPLE and REJECTION FREE way to invite many people online or offline.

I live in the West Sussex countryside so I choose to do my network marketing online. The reason being it is much easier (and more economical) for the attraction marketing process to go to work on autopilot, plus I don’t have to deal with as many objections. I can also be more selective than with chance meetings when applying the “3-foot rule” offline. That said, not all networking is best done online.

#TIP: Here’s what I learned that turned things around… I highly suggest you download the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy by one of my longtime mentors.

3) You need stories (preferably your own experiences) to share about your products.

#Tip: If you need help crafting your story check out a helpful book on Amazon called “How To Prospect, Sell and Build Your Network Marketing Business With Stories” by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

4) You have to share and present your opportunity without spamming or coming across like a desperate salesperson.

#TIP: I highly recommend checking out the post I did on Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s ebook “Ice Breakers — How to get any prospect to beg you for a presentation.” 

5) You need to know a few key phrases to make the closing and enroll process happen almost effortlessly.

#TIP: If you haven’t read Eric Worre’s “best seller” book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to becoming a network marketing professional” I suggest grab your copy today.

6) You must follow-up to help your signups get orientated and start building their list. The speed of the leader is the speed of the pack in the duplication game!

In my O2Worldwide home business, we have a 16 Day Blitzplan of action to help get newbies get started on the right footing and platform to promote your business to other network marketers. Now, if you really want to take your home business to the next level, check out the Linkedin Leads training. And if you want to recruit using Facebook, then download your free copy of the Social Media Recruiting Frenzy.

7) You must follow through and support your downline with their questions.

— Heck, I get asked tons of product questions I don’t always know the answers to, but I always say “I’m not sure about that, I’ll double-check with my upline and get back to you”. I then go find out what I don’t know.

8) Be a mentor until they’ve made that big mindset shift from thinking like an “employee” to becoming a self-propelled “entrepreneur” rock star blazing their own trail.

— Hey, I leverage the training put out by others and ‘the gurus’ while I further my own personal development.

Yes, these are all basic activities that many network marketers don’t practice enough. All easily fixable for a focused mind.

“I can do that too!”

Many MLMers are so fearful of rejection or they just never get started. People will get very excited about the products and opportunity, but after the emotion, the excitement goes.

The euphoria lasts maybe a week, two weeks, a month or even a few months. They get that first NO, that second NO, that third NO, then they stop contacting people, and before you know it they’ve quit because they’ve not been shown how to develop the necessary recipe for success.

Well, if you have read this far then I hope you are wiser because you now know how to prosper in network marketing. You can now help people break that vicious downward spiral by finally adding an extra paycheck. They can stop their losses, start paying back their credit cards, and now have a way to get ahead in network marketing. It’s not complicated, you just need a better and simpler system for success.

Remember, success is a state of mind. Success is an attitude and when we consider achieving success in life, attitude is everything.

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You can create success quickly when starting your own home business but you MUST follow certain rules and apply them daily. Hope you got benefit from this post, feel free to share with others if you did.

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