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Today, I am going to talk about how to start a tea business for just $100. This method will help you to quickly earn an extra $700 to begin with so you can take your business to the next level while learning on the job.

Of course, depending on how fast you get things going, it could take you anywhere from a few days to a full month to make that money. But from experience I would say a month is enough time if you are serious about building your tea business online. With over 1.4 billion people on Facebook you’ll never be short of customers once you learn some simple strategies that we are going to teach you in Step 4.

Let’s get started…

EPXbody Detox Plus teaSpeciality teas and herbal teas used for cleansing and weight loss are very popular drinks in many countries. Being loaded with many organic herbs and antioxidants make them a nutritionally sound beverages. Deciding to start a herbal tea business can be a profitable way to share this kind of beverage with other herbal tea lovers, and those looking to lose 5lbs in 5 days as part of a quick fix weight loss solution.

You could start an online tea business and become a wholesale herbal tea supplier to stores or share directly with customers through word of mouth. Another idea is to become a direct sales tea distributor and open up your home to hold tea parties. You could also develop your own herbal tea brand, but that would need a hefty up front investment and carry risk if the tea blend had not already been proven as a hot seller. The tea parties idea is a great way to socialize too, but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. LOL So in the rest of this post I am going to focus on how to start a herbal tea business online.

But is gets better, with the method I’m going to show you how will short cut the trial and error process of finding a herbal tea sells better than many popular speciality teas. I’ll also teach you how to source your tea at wholesale prices direct from a network marketing company… think of it as being like a tea affiliate program but one with much greater financial rewards and incentives….and you get to hang on to the customer too!

A network marketing company is a real business where the company takes care of most of the “headaches” (shipping, tracking sales, accounting, etc.). All we are required to do to create that beautiful life we dream of and share how great the herbal tea is with other people who see it as great too….and see it as a solution for themselves. Simple!

Let’s cut to the chase…

How to start a tea business – Step 1

Watch the EPX video on how you can make $700 Dollars when you start a herbal tea business.

How to start a tea business – Step 2

Learn more about the 100% organic EPX Body Detox herbal tea being the solution (excuse the pun) to cleanse your body of toxins.

How to start a tea business – Step 3

To get your herbal tea business started asap. Click on “Get Started” link and enroll in EPX Body as a “Distributor”. Select your herbal tea package – we recommend the two canisters of the instant herbal Detox Tea Plus $99.95. But if on a tight budget or just want to taste the tea for yourself, you can buy a one month supply for $49.95.

Go here to get signed up:


How to start a tea business – Step 4

Get the word out about how great EPX Detox tea is to drink and the health benefits of the 9 herbs it contains. Find your four business partners and help them to do the same.

Download the FREE Social Media Recruiting Frenzy eBook and learn how to use Facebook to source unlimited prospects for your herbal tea business.

That’s it!

Four simple steps on how to start a herbal tea business online. Don’t over complicate it or try to reinvent the wheel. Simple = Duplicable = $$$!! 🙂

If you have any questions, reach out to me using the pop up contact form that appears at the bottom of your browser window. I am standing by to be your personal EPX coach and help you every step of the way.

PS: AS SOON AS YOU JOIN a EPX Body, you qualify for government subsidy (free money). See my blog post… “MLM Tip #4 – Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine” 

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