Napoleon Hill Quote
Keep Calm And Take Action

Shift your focus and TAKE ACTION.

As a network marketing professional, fresh MLM leads are the lifeblood of my Thrive O2 business. Without a constant supply of new MLM leads my business would simply not grow very fast.

The truth is, my daily prospecting activity on social networks brings me into contact with people from all walks of life, levels of society, and at various stages of their life’s journey. Whilst a handful are enthusiastic to immediately connect and take a look at my products or opportunity, the majority will just respond with a list of reasons not to.

Oh, and I said “reasons” but I could have just as easily used white lie “excuses” here.

Truth be told, if there is no prior relationship with a prospect, then some “trust” has to be created first. People prefer to buy from people that they Know, Like & Trust.  The network marketing pros called this the “KLT Formula”.

The trick is to ask better questions to reduce the chances of rejection at the first fence. Even so, some “reasons” will always be used much more often than others.

Note: I wrote about a great source of “ice breakers” in an earlier post, “Revolutionize your network marketing recruiting with these easy peasy ice breakers.”

Okay, let’s continue…

napoleon hill

Napoleon Hill Quote

When I fired up Chrome this morning I was greeted with a great quote by Napoleon Hill, and its “Start where you stand” message resonated with me.

This got me thinking about a few prospects that recently passed through my list and gave me the idea for this blog, When I’m ready, I’m going to do it.

I think that most people, either in their personal life or in business, will have entertained similar thoughts at some point during their lifetime.

But what this really translates to mean – “when I can make what I’m thinking about doing absolutely perfect I’ll finally take action and do it, but what I’m really doing is procrastinating so I can stay in my comfort zone and feeling disappointed because when I don’t do it absolutely perfect, I’ll quit anyway.”

With that said, if you are in network marketing and proactive in “sorting and sifting” prospects every day (something that takes less than an hour a day), then you’ll meet this mindset on a fairly regular basis.

Okay, let’s back up for a second…

Doing anything in life just takes making a decision to DO IT. Taking small baby steps towards it, falling down, screwing up, sucking maybe a lot, but still putting a foot forward in the direction of that decision. Simply focus on doing the best work you can TODAY…with what you already have. Let me give you an example.

“I’m going to start losing weight when I’m ready to do it, after this, before that. I have to get my eating and workout plan all figured out so I can do it this time.”

Fact is, it is good to plan. But it’s exhausting to be a procrastinating over thinking perfectionist who stays disappointed through non-action.

Many times in my network marketing career (26 years to date) I have met people who are their own worst enemies, holding back success because they are thinking that everything needs to be under control before they begin… or they need to learn one more thing… or they don’t have enough resources… or the conditions are not right….Oh, don’t get me started on that one!!!

With this kind of thinking, all they are really doing is trapping themselves in mediocrity.

Shift your focus and TAKE ACTION. Just take the first step and have faith that everything you need will follow.

Take baby steps (conqueror your fears). Make one decision towards what you want to do. Then manage that decision daily.

Example: “I’m going to eat an apple every day because I know they’re nutritious and good for me. I won’t eat any more Snickers bars.”snicker bar

Small decision. Huge impact over time.

It is the small decisions managed daily that will keep you on the road to success and on track towards your dreams. Things don’t have to be perfectly perfect, they never will be. Striving for perfection keeps you stuck in the disappointed land. Refinement of the process can come later.

Create the habit of ACTION. Take the decision to JUST DO IT! One small good decision will lead to another. Try it. Put your head down and seize the moment! Carpe diem!

“Success people think different. Instead of looking for the challenge in every opportunity, they look for the opportunity in every challenge.” – Eric Worre

“Every successful person I have heard of has done the best they could with the conditions as they found them, and not waited until next year for better.” – E.W. Howe

PS: If you are one of life’s “DOERS” and will take immediate action when the opportunity presents itself, let me ask you a simple question, “What would happen if you didn’t have to wake up every morning to go to work?”

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Pablo PicassoClick To Tweet

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