Is blogging dead for personal branding

Lately I have come across many blog posts addressing the same topic, is blogging dead?

It just so happens that I had wrestled with my own thoughts on this topic. And being so focused on personal branding and attraction marketing, I picked up on many more relevant posts appearing organically in my news feed than I might otherwise have noticed.

Is blogging deadBesides, it’s one of those regular blog topics like those fanciful New Year Resolutions and Summer Beach Body posts that come around every year, or every time there’s a new publishing feature on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Blogging is not dead! But it’s definitely not the same as it has been even just six months back.

Things will always change in publishing that’s a given, but recently things have moved on in such a giant evolutionary step that it made many networkers question their blog’s purpose. Does a blog still work as a free lead generation tool? Should I only blog for LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook Instant Articles? Is it now better to buy hyper targeted advertising on Facebook? So many new questions to now think about!

News feed evolution

It’s all down to the evolution of news feeds, lightening fast load times, and an even better user experience within social channels. People cannot be bothered to follow links outside of their favorite social channel anymore, they want it all delivered in their feed. And the social media overlords are doing everything in their powers to keep your eyeballs within their channels too!

In a nutshell, everyone from big publishers right down to us solopreneurs and bloggers, like you and me, are being forced to use Facebook and Apple as a delivery platform because that’s where the masses hang out today.

So where does that leave network marketers, like you and me, who are blogging to create a powerful personal brand?

Well, I personally see a WordPress blog still being a key piece of kit in the online attraction marketing arsenal.

In fact, PERSONAL BRANDING is now even more important than it ever was. Not only is a blog an asset you own 100 PERCENT, but it helps you to keep up a direct connection to your readers. Blog posts stay out there for years and year working for you in search.

With a blog you can:

  • Brand Yourself
  • Build Authority
  • Build Trust
  • Attract Prospects Automatically
  • Promote Your Business Opportunity
  • Generate Sales & Leads
  • Sign Up More Clients, Customers and Reps
  • Promote Free Offers/Giveaways
  • Host Your Valuable Content Under One Roof
  • Create Multiple Streams of Income
  • Affiliate Marketing

Think about it. When someone wants to join your network marketing opportunity, what is the first thing they do? They go to Google and do a search.

If you do not have a blog, then what does that say about you as a leader? Having a blog presence makes you look more professional. Therefore, it attracts more professional types of people.

If you look at how the top network marketing leaders are using social media to attract hundreds of high quality prospects every day, what is the one thing they all have in common? You guessed it, they all produce a lot of content that goes on their blog.

As you can see, there are still VERY STRONG reasons why you need your own personal branded blog to help your business grow and stand out in a crowded marketplace.

So how do you start a blog?

The first thing that you need is a web host. There are literally 100’s of different web hosts out there, so trying to decide which one is the best can become a daunting process. Bluehost are recommended by I have domains hosted with them too. HostGator is also popular with first timers.

Bluehost have made it easy for the technically challenged to set up your WordPress blog in 1-click. Likewise, HostGator gets WordPress up and running with the built-in installer in just a few clicks.

Ultimately, which web host and package you go for depends on what you plan to do with your blog and the volume of traffic you plan to drive to it. Hosting is very much like choosing a mobile or utility package, in that it’s easy to be blindsided by the different options and jargon between companies. This blog is currently hosted on HostGator, which for my attraction marketing needs right now is perfectly okay.

Choosing a WordPress theme: FREE vs. Premium

I could write an entire blog post on this topic because there are 1000’s of FREE and PREMIUM WordPress themes available. There are also many pros and cons between the two. My next paragraph illustrates why going Premium can be a better choice. My lesson learned!

This blog used to run on a freemasonry theme, but that’s now reached the end of its shelf life because things are starting to break and the author ceased update support. What I mean is, because WordPress is continuously updated to keep improving its architecture, publishing functions and content delivery performance over the web and mobile etc., every time WordPress publishes an update any free theme that’s not still being supported by its developer falls another step behind. Suffice to say, the resulting bugs become a headache to keep fixing manually by yourself.

Premium, themes on the other hand, are generally much better maintained by their authors, who give regular upgrades every time WordPress rolls out a major update.

Here are a few WordPress theme providers that offer some of the best free and/or premium themes available:

Premium Coding – have beautiful responsive theme designs.
Elegant Press – have some of the best looking WordPress blog themes available.
AccessPress – blog theme designs that are both lightweight and responsive for mobile.
StudioPress Themes – Professional and responsive themes.
Thesis – If you want to completely customize the look and feel of your blog design starting out from scratch, or tweak a Thesis template/skin, you can use the built-in visual template editor in Thesis Theme.

I’ve just added the Hooray theme by Themeforest to the shortlist for the revamp of my own blog. It has some nice features, and it’s great looking for mobile…which these days pretty much determines the type of RESPONSIVE theme to go for.

Note: Some of the links posted above are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

You’ve got your WordPress blog set up, now what?

Now that you have your hosting set up, and a WordPress theme installed. The next step is to develop some basic blog monetization strategies, add some powerful personal branding, and work on content creation to generate both leads and sales, and at the same time position, you as the “go to” person of authority, the expert.

You need to decide if you are going to blog about business or products, who your target audience is, and how you plan to apply the attraction marketing formula while delivering your solution to their problems.

Free Attraction Marketing Online Recruitment BootcampTo the novice, this might all sound more complicated than it actually is. But internet attraction marketing does cover a very broad spectrum. To go through each step of the attraction marketing process and explain the sales funnel mechanism in-depth would take longer than a few blog posts by me. It takes most professional training courses up to 20 modules to cover all that stuff in detailed step-by-step training.

However, I have a (free) 10-Day Attraction Marketing Formula Bootcamp to help you learn how to generate leads for your network marketing opportunity. It’s high-value free training.

Basically, over the next 10 days you are going to learn all about:

  • Shotgun vs Sniper Marketing – What your Auntie can teach you about sponsoring people who will be excited about joining you.
  • Reading Your Prospect’s Mind – How to get Google, Facebook & YouTube to tell you who is ready to join your business or buy your products.
  • “I Did It for the Cheese” – How to build a better mousetrap and sell more cheese.
  • “The Anatomy of the Mouse Trap” – How to get cold market prospects to happily send you their contact information, 24/7 on auto-pilot.
  • “Will You Marry Me?” – How to get your customer to fall in love with you, your opportunity & your product…
  • “Dating Your Prospects” – How to follow-up with your prospects on auto-pilot and get them to fall in love with your opportunity and/or product, before you even speak to them…
  • Your Magic Slot Machine – How to turn your internet recruiting efforts into a surefire income, even when people DON’T join your business or buy your product…
  • Popping the Question – How to turn your prospects into ‘Happily Married’ distributors or customers using powerful ‘Love Letters’…
  • Fortune in Follow-Up – Mining for gold within your NEW online leads & prospects list.
  • What’s In It for Me (WIIFM) – How to recruit and sell with words.

So there you have it, just by reading through this entire blog post, you are already more empowered and ahead of the pack. Most new network marketers are clueless about attraction marketing and instead will follow ineffective and outdated strategies taught by their upline or NWM company.

Don’t become part of the blind leading the blind circus, you are smarter than that! Look to outside sources for your mentoring and internet marketing training by experts in the field! I did and it works for me!

Remember, online prospecting and internet marketing are NOT the same thing.

Internet marketing is a PASSIVE strategy, which works, even when you are not.

If you want to learn how it works in more detail and learn how to apply the proven strategy to your business, then a free 10-Day Online Recruiting Bootcamp is available here.

That’s all for this ‘Is Blogging Dead?’ blog post, but if you found value or know someone who needs this, then please “share” it.

Until next time!

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