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O2Worldwide: What Everybody Ought To Know About Stabilized Liquid Oxygen + O2Drops
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Don’t Read Unless You Can’t Recruit!

You probably have no problem recruiting in your home business, but have you ever come across people who struggle in network marketing?

Let’s face it, that’s the majority of network marketers out there….or why else would there only be 1%-2% who are making it happen yet 98% continue to fail miserably?

Network marketing brings in talented people who are very successful in their brick and mortar business, but then when they give network marketing a go they struggle! So yes, people do struggle to make the residual income dream come true. There are millions of people looking for a solution.

The number one problem is CLOSING the lead right?

LetUsClose does that for you!

The second problem is generating the lead right?

The LetUsClose system gives you everything you need to do that. If you can lick a stamp, send a text, or post on FaceBook you can do this!

The 3rd problem is getting your team making money so they can stay in the game!

We all know that ATTRITION is one of the leading causes why people quit network marketing.

….More about the Turnkey solution to those three points in just a second as I had to dive in here and delete this post’s previous content now that LUC are relaunching with an entirely new (exclusive) product and binary plan.

The story so far with LetUsClose…

They first launched as marketing system with a call center to close your leads. That stalled. LUC then merged with the some marketing gurus and nothing further became of it under them. Now it is third time lucky after EPX took back the sister company to relaunch it as a division of EPXbody.

The product this time is an exclusive nutrition product; stabilized liquid oxygen / minerals (O2 drops) with a lot of research and testimonials behind it.

Anyway, pre-launch started 01/15/16. Official O2 Worldwide launch 02/29/16 which is EPX’s 4th Birthday! My O2Drops arrived in the UK today!

O2worldwide - Activated Stabilized Oxygen & LTSM minerals

O2 Worldwide


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Here’s the information that got passed along to me…

O2Worldwide Prelauch - O2 Drops

O2 Worldwide Highlights:

  • A Product For The Masses with EXCLUSIVE NWM Global Rights!
  • Liquid Stabilized Oxygen & Minerals
  • 100% Matching Bonuses!
  • Our Call Center Closes Your Sales For You!
  • Free Turnkey Marketing System
  • Postcards & leads on labels
  • You Just Need “One” to earn 100% Matching Bonus!
  • You Just Need “Two” to help you maximize our ENTIRE pay plan!
  • Massive $10 team co-op to help you enroll “your two.” (Optional)

Did You Know?

Disease thrives in cells that lack oxygen & minerals… The human body is largely composed of oxygen, so it is no wonder that scientists are now discovering how low levels of oxygen can disrupt the ability of the body to function correctly to enhance health.

The Ultimate Product meets the Ultimate Comp Plan. If you are looking for a business to build in 2016, this is it. Free pre enrollment until Jan 15th, 2016… Don’t miss out. Perfect product, comp plan, system, and a call center to close all your sales!!! www.letusclose.com/ollie

Dr. Krauss O2drops Product Call

O2 Worldwide Pre-launch Teaser Video

O2 Worldwide Opportunity Call

O2 System and Call Center

O2 Worldwide —ThriveO2 16-Day Blitz

O2 Worldwide Compensation Plan pdf
Product Q&A pdf
Research & Testimonials pdf
Product Comparison

O2worldwide Research + Testimonials

O2 Worldwide Research & Testimonials PDF: Right Click To Download

Here’s what one leader had to say about the product credibility & payplan:

Dan sent me some preliminary info on the company that’s manufacturing our exclusive rights, Stabilized Oxygen and Minerals product, and here’s what I can now tell you without any hesitation.

This California-based company has been in business since 1996, and oozes with credibility.
They manufacture other Oxygenated products in the retail marketplace, but none have both the Stabilized Oxygen and Minerals combined.

Here’s just a few testimonials from the manufacturer:

“On behalf of the World Team, I want to personally thank you for your assistance in one of the greatest sporting endeavors ever undertaken. As you probably already know, of the 15 members that participated… 11 are going to Sydney! That is an incredible rate of success… you are an important part of that successful team.”
– Gary Hall, Sr., M.D. U.S. Olympic Sprint Swimming Team

“Since using Sports Active Stabilized Oxygen, I have been able to take my training to the next level, translating into improved results.” – Chris Winn – Team Yeti Champion Cyclist, Australia

“I have been using Active Stabilized Oxygen for only a short time and find it unreal.”
– Brooke Alders National Rodeo Champion

“Having researched the benefits of oxygen, I tried Active Stabilized Oxygen and was amazed at the difference it made to my energy, endurance and alertness at training. It’s a winner.”
– Adam Watt Four Time World Kickboxing Champion

“Since using the Active Stabilized Oxygen, I have found a number of benefits from the supplementation. The benefiting factor that I have noticed was increased long lasting energy.”
– Brent Livermore Olympic Hockey, Australia

“Active Stabilized Oxygen contributed to me feeling energetic in the water. Glad to have found such a helpful, natural and drug-free product.”
– Gabrielle Workman Triathlon Champion

“I used Active Stabilized Oxygen at the recent Australian Masters Track and Road Championship and won 3 gold and 3 silver medals.”
– Keith Oliver 6-Time World Masters Champion

Some of their endorsements for one of their retail Sports Nutrition Oxygen products include the following people:
Sean Payton – Head Coach, NFL New Orleans Saints
Ryan Kesler – Forward, Vancouver Canucks, Olympic Silver Medalist, Team USA
Ryan Weisenberg – Head Coach, Pepperdine University Women’s Basketball
Steve Weatherford – Punter for the NFL New York Giants
Jim Harrick – Head Basketball Coach, University of Georgia. Former UCLA coach, NCAA champion 1995
Adam Watt – Four Time World Kickboxing Champion
James Reimer – Goalie, Toronto Maple Leafs
Eldon W. Askew – Ph.D. Department Chair, School of Nutrition, University of Utah,
Dr. Marios L. Christofinis, M.D., Ph.D. – Academy of Medical Sciences in Berlin

There are other endorsements, but this should give you a clear picture of the company behind our new EPXBody division’s Stabilized Oxygen & Minerals product.

supplement-facts…Combine the mass appeal of a product like this (Disease thrives in cells that are lacking in Oxygen), with our exclusive marketing rights for the Stabilized Oxygen & Minerals formula, with our 100% matching bonus feature, with a $59.95 price point that includes the call center, with an optional $10 monthly co-op, with our 10k in 10 days blitz, and we may be on to something special here.

I’ve had several folks ask me for more details on the pay plan for our new division.
Those of you who know me, have heard me say on multiple occasions that I’m not a fan of binary pay plans because the vast majority of them that I’ve seen, have been more about smoke and mirrors than about helping the typical part time distributor actually make money.

While I’ve understood the simplicity and potential in a binary structure where someone only needed to enroll 2 members to qualify for pay through an infinite number of levels… I knew that most companies lure you in with the promise of only needing enrollments, but once you enroll, you realize it’s not that simple.

Things like cycle pay; only being paid on your lesser volume leg; not being able to earn any commissions until you’ve enrolled at least two members, etc.. are just the first hoops you have to jump through to earn a decent income.

They get much tougher from there on, where many of the pay plans are intentionally designed to create massive breakage for the company and its top distributors.

Theoretically, a binary pay plan that touts itself as potentially paying out 60%, in actuality only pays out about 28%. Where does the rest of the money go? I’ll give you one guess.

To say that Dan has tried to eliminate these obstacles in our new Let Us Close division’s pay plan, is putting it mildly.

I like this pay plan for several reasons: First, the simplicity of actually only needing to enroll two… But that’s not my main reason.

I love the fact that if you only enrolled one member (not two, but just one), and that individual went on to earn $1000 a month in their business… Well, you would still receive a 100% matching check of $1000.

I also love the 25% payout on the lesser leg without any qualifications other than enrolling two members, and having a $40CV monthly order.

And I love that because of the 100% check match, we get paid on the volume in both of our legs. That is significant!

There are no cycles or any other nonsense to keep you from earning. It’s clean and simple.

Enroll one member, and you’ll get paid. If that person turns out to be a serious earner, you’ll get paid even more.

Enroll two members, and you open up a lot more income possibilities.

Go grab your O2 Worldwide spot now!
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