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On this page you will learn: what is O2 liquid oxygen drops used for, benefits of increased oxygen, what makes O2 Drops different… plus there’s some amazing testimonials of O2 making a difference in people’s lives!

Oxygen Benefits

The benefits of oxygen have been researched extensively and are scientifically proven. Oxygen is much more important than we realize, and its health benefits go far beyond just helping to keep us alive and breathing.

Oxygen boosts energy, improves performance, enables recovery more quickly after exertion, relieves stress, increases concentration and cognitive function, enables you to feel more relaxed and revitalized, helps in alleviating pain and inflammation, gets rid of headaches and hangovers, can help you get a good night’s sleep, and much more.

Experts believe that having an ample amount of oxygen in our cells can also play a significant role in “the quality of life” we live.

What’s more, all bacterial pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic and thrive in the absence of oxygen. In fact, oxygen is poison to them. Even cancer cells perish with abundant oxygen, but that’s a health blog post for another time.

Not all liquid oxygen drops are nontoxic

Before I share a handful of O2 testimonials, testimonials taken from the 1000s of believers of what liquid oxygen drops can do to improve health and well-being, here’s a short video that answers one of the most common questions: what’s the difference between O2 Drops and some other liquid oxygen drops supplements being sold online?

What makes O2 Drops® unique? Watch this short video.

You can download the O2 comparison chart that compares O2 Drops with some of the other popular liquid oxygen supplements out there.

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O2 Drops - Activated Stabilized OxygenMy O2 Drops Testimonial

Having been on O2 Drops for 6 months (taking 25-30 drops 3 times a day), I proved to myself that the product works in surprising ways.

I was definitely in the skeptics camp on the liquid oxygen supplement thing until I looked deeper into the research.

Like most first time users of liquid oxygen drops, I hadn’t found what really worked for me. I simply wasn’t taking enough O2 to see the results I was seeking, but after upping my dosage I soon experienced better results than ever before.

One of the reasons why we have disclaimers is because no two results will ever be the same. Everyone is different, (lacks) HYDRATION, exercise, lifestyle and diet can all impact on a supplement’s performance.  You can read my full “o2 drops testimonial” post or listen to the audio below where I talk about my experiences of better sleep, energy boost, increased performance, mental clarity, refreshed dry eyes, wound healing topically, knee pain vanished.

Here’s what others are saying about O2 Drops

Angela Mathis, USA

Sallie M – New Zealand – Energy / Motivation / Eyes / Sleep / Business

 “I have found the o2 drops very beneficial; particularly in terms of feeling a lot more energetic. I am now feeling more motivated and putting more things on my ‘To Do List’ and even better, crossing more off my ‘To Do List’. Not nearly so lethargic as I was prior to taking them when everything was more of an effort. Not anymore. I also was experiencing very tired and strained eyes and placed a couple of drops in each eye twice one day and once the next and the problem was over. Eyes back to normal again. I decided that I would apply a couple of drops in each eye prior to driving the car on a 2 hour trip recently as I often arrive with tired eyes. Voila – no tired eyes when I reached my destination. The quality of my sleep has improved also so I have upgraded from 1 bottle to the 2 + 1 package now as I want to be sure I don’t run out of this amazing product.

I’m so delighted with every aspect of this business and have been more successful in this than anything I have done in the past. I’m so grateful to Bryan who reluctantly approached me in February as he knew I had told him I was ‘not in the looking zone’ anymore having had so many disappointments.”


Jill F, Australia – Arthritis

“Just letting you know I started taking the O2 drops 2 days ago, Thursday 10th March, I took 25 drops under my tongue at 6pm and repeated the same dose at 10.30pm. The next day I repeated the same dose at 6am, 12.30pm, 5.30pm and about 10.30pm when I went to bed and for the first time in approx. 7 – 8 weeks I had a good night’s sleep free from pain. Usually I wake every couple of hours due to severe pain in my right hip.

I have been diagnosed with severe degenerative osteoarthritis and I go into Hospital on Tuesday 15th March for a hip replacement. For the past 4 weeks the pain has been almost unbearable and I have not been able to walk without a walking stick. I have been prescribed Celebrex 200mg. daily as well as Panadeine Forte 3-4 times daily and still the pain persisted. Last weekend I spent 3 days nauseated and vomiting as the pain killers interacted with the Madopar I take for Parkinson’s disease. 

This morning (Saturday 12th March) I am pain free, I was gobsmacked, I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom without my walking stick, I went downstairs without hanging on to the rail or using my walking stick without any pain at all. I showered, dressed and went shopping without having to use my walking stick, mind you I did take it just in case. As I had no need to take the Panadeine Forte I was able to have my usual dose of Madopar without any side effects.

I am absolutely amazed. To me this is a miracle. I have placed another order for [O2 Drops] two bottles get one free as I never want to run out.”

Amed Hazel, USA

Phil A – Australia – Enlarged Prostate

“I know it’s early days yet, but I honestly feel these nagging symptoms of enlarged prostate have reduced by maybe 75%…in 24hrs! Just 3 doses x 15 drops and the improvement is simply amazing! Am I fully cured of this ailment? No, but life is a whole lot better today smile emoticon Thanks O2 Drops!”


Pat W – Ireland – Painful Ankles

“My 10 year old daughter was complaining about pains in her ankle before she went to school yesterday. First I thought she was trying to get out of school, it would not be the first time, when the tears started to pour I knew it was for real. I then thought of the O2 drops and asked would she take them orally. She refused point blank saying “Mum says not to trust anything online!!”. So I said how about we come to a compromise and I rub them on, she agreed. So I put only 2 drops on each ankle and rubbed them in. She came back a minute later and said it worked. It was amazing her reaction, she gave me a big hug and skipped onto her school bus. This is a great product period!! Thanks Carol for something that finally works :)”

Renee P – Upper Back Pain

“I had excruciating pains between my shoulder blades for nearly two weeks. I couldn’t do anything and didn’t even take the full dosage of o2 and within 10 minutes the pain was completely gone. Not only that, it hasn’t returned! o2 is the most brilliant product I’ve ever used


Testimonial Show Reel 1

Mariette C, Canada

She says, “One of my sceptics is changing her mind about o2. She finally accepted to try a bottle of o2 given to her by her brother in law … my oldest brother. She was suffering from ‘shingles’ plus severe Charlie Horses, her body, including her face, was covered with multi-red blotches, she had no energy, continuously tired and of course very depressed because of her multi-health issues.

After 3 weeks of taking o2 (15 drops X 3 times per day), her Charlie Horses have diminished by 80%, all the blotches that covered her body are gone, ‘shingles’ all gone, she sleeps through the night, gets up refreshed every morning, no more depression and feels an overall good feeling throughout her body and instead of feeling bitchy every morning she has a smile on her face and feels great … she says: “I’m starting to feel young again.”

Mariette also says,
“My oldest brother has now been taking o2 for 5 months. He has a heart condition which constitutes very low pulse rate. The doctors have been monitoring this for quite some time now. He was eventually to become a candidate for a Pacemaker. His pulse rate was always between 22 to 42. His pulse rate is now @ 70 … blood sugars are in the normal range (around 5.7 mostly) … the doctors are very pleased … Pacemaker placement has been put on hold. I guess this means the oxygen my bro’s heart needed is reaching its optimum.

Blood pressure can be more or less normal even though you have a low pulse … the brain doesn’t function well when pulse is low … this is why the doctors were watching my bro carefully … if the pulse remains too low the Pacemaker is a must … o2 has brought up my bro’s pulse from 22 to 70 … normal pulse is 72.”

Paul  D. – Fighting Cancer

Well this is about as personal as I can get with O2 stabilized oxygen. We have some awesome leaders here which I won’t name because they have the biggest and kindest hearts have been working with me over these months as I am helping my wife overcome her bout with cancer the second time. Hence the break I had to take a few months back to get things worked out. Some really great news came last night. The docs have seen a decrease in the growth in her cancer with us using the O2 product. The hard mass is dissolving. Yes I said that right. It’s getting smaller in both areas of her body. We have been going through test after test for awhile now because we wanted a second opinion and these docs are scheduling months out. So as we waited I kept giving my wife the 02 drops. When the doc called me yesterday I went outside and cried my eyes out. Why you ask…because of Stabilized Oxygen making a huge impact on her. Here is why cancer won’t survive. The more oxygen that is in your body cellularly. The better the body can fight it off. The results are coming back good for now. We’re not out of the woods yet but I will take what the lord is giving us right now. So when you ask me if O2 works or not and you question why I am so driven. This is my WHY. bless you all. Our next scans are three months from now.

I almost forgot the best part. The doctor asked me for a business card. This is a big thank you out to those that believe in what we do day in and day out. I am grateful to my buddy Brad Hensley for introducing me to O2. This is also not a treatment or cure by any means…it is a miracle that is happening before our eyes. Paul D.


Testimonials Show Reel 2

Pain with Mouth Sores & False Teeth

I have had false teeth since I was 16 yrs. old starting with a partial and getting full plates around 25 yrs. old.

I have always had problems with them, especially with the lower plate. Having to line them and having a lot of pain from sores. Since I have been on the o2 drops my teeth fit much better and I haven’t had to line them and there is no more pain. I didn’t realize what was happening till I missed taking the o2 Drops for a few days and the pain returned, but as soon as I got back on the o2 Drops the pain went away. David T.

Marie – Fighting Dementia

For many years Marie looked after her father who had developed Dementia, along with other health challenges, so when her husband started to show those same signs she was able to recognize it. This is her story on what happened next:

“My husband has been showing signs of Dementia. It’s happened a few times when he couldn’t remember anything. It started with him losing his memory for 3-5 hours, then on other days it progressed into a whole day, and then some weeks later it became 2 days of lost memory. It was really scary especially when one morning he woke up and asked me if I was his wife. He refused to go to the doctor to get checked. The only thing I could think of was o2drops… I told him how they may help with his memory and his whole body. He was pretty scared of what had been happening to him with the loss of memory… he finally decided to listen. I started him on a routine of taking 20 -25 drops or more, 3 times a day. I also put some in his water bottle for when he goes to the gym.

I can finally say my husband hasn’t had another memory loss since. He takes his o2 drops every day he is feeling so happy and confident with himself again. Before these problems occurred he was just in the process of starting his own business, but with his memory losses he lost his confidence to do it. He is a different man today – happy and confident to go back into business. His memory has improved immensely…. He loves his o2drops and won’t stop taking them anymore. So, thanks to this marvelous product, o2drops, I have my husband back.“… Wow! Wow! Wow!



O2 Drops® – What is liquid oxygen drops used for?

People are using O2 for just about anything including: Sleeping Problems; Chronic Pain; Aches or Stiffness; Fibromyalgia; Low Energy or Fatigue; Prostate Problems; Difficulty Breathing; Mood Swings; Stress or Anxiety; Headaches; Slow Recovery; Sore Gums; Ear Aches; “Red” Eye, Dry Eyes, or Pink Eye; Nasal Problems; Skin Problems or Rashes; Anti-aging; Poor Mental Clarity & Focus; Wounds & Bruises that Don’t Heal or Heal Slowly, Varicose Veins and more!

O2 Drops®  is not a drug. It is the same natural oxygen that we inhale, but in a bio-available, medical grade formula that’s quickly and easily used by our cells.

O2 Drops are taken sublingually (under the tongue). The tiny blood vessels (capillaries) under the tongue absorb the oxygen, and these capillaries carry oxygen quickly to our cells.

In our cells, the medical grade, Active Stabilized Oxygen & LTSM combine with nutrients and produce energy, which the body uses to heal.

O2 Drops® can also be used externally. Some of our customers pour their O2 Drops®into a small 2-3 oz plastic spray bottle, and use topically for faster relief from severe pain, or you can also pour the drops directly.

For example, to experience faster pain relief, in addition to taking sublingually, put 4 -5 drops directly on the area of pain, and let them sit for one minute. Next, rub the O2 Drops® into your skin over the area of pain, and let air dry. The results people have reported doing this are amazing. The uses for O2 Drops® are only limited by your imagination.

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