One of my dear aunts gave me a minced beef recipes cookbook as a token Christmas gift. 🙂

It is not a bad book and one of a series of easy cookbooks available from M&S. It takes one beef mince mix for tasty dishes like, chilli burgers for a weekend treat, hearty soups to keep out the winter’s chill, comforting bakes to feed a hungry family, and speedy snacks for lunchtime or supper.

It’s a versatile book, but I’m sure I have many of these recipes in my other cookbooks. And I don’t recall ever making Swedish Meatballs or a Dutch Crêpe Cake before, but my Thai beef Omelette with lots of chilli was a hit with some visiting students recently.

minced beef recipes

Minced Beef Recipes

You can find tons of mince beef recipes on this Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=mince+beef

Enjoy your meals! 🙂

Written by Ollie
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