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MLM Tips - Taxbot for home business tax deductionsLets face it, most MLM and home-based businesses need to track deductible business mileage, travel and moving expenses. That all adds up, and means annually you can save considerably by making tax deductions on your car when used for business.

The only downside being tracking all your business mileage requires meticulous record keeping. Without a GPS mileage tracking app to automate things that would quickly become a paperwork headache.

Taxbot business expense trackerTaxbot has tools for helping you record and organize this information. It will also help tracking other expenses like repairs, maintenance, tags, licences, insurance, car wax etc. Taxbot is both IRS and CRA compliant. Programmed with the latest business mileage rules, as well as having all the tools for tracking your MLM business tax deductibles, all of which makes your annual tax reporting a breeze!

See how Taxbot can track your business mileage and tax deductions, here’s the first video in the MLM Tips series.

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What is One80?

EPX 180 | One80In a nutshell, One80 is a virtual business in a box…including TAXbot, for just $29.95/mo. It will SAVE you hundreds per month, and having One80 qualifies you as having a HOME BUSINESS, allowing you claim tax deductions on your expenses, meals, entertainment etc., Plus you can Get PAID daily, Residual Income PLUS other bonus’, PLUS receive a $25.00 dinning certificate every month, PLUS travel benefits and BIG DISCOUNTS on your shopping at over +330,000 merchants exclusively through VIPDeals Direct app (ACCESS Merchant Network, America’s largest private discount network).

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