network marketingMy introduction to the concept of network marketing and residual income happened back in the mid-1980’s, and it was more by accident than by design.

To cut a long story short…

I had set up business camp in a Soho graphics studio in London’s Warwick Street. My landline was being routed through the main switchboard until my own system arrived. After my call system was installed I started receiving calls that were meant for another company …and it later transpired they’d been receiving mine.

It quickly became a real pain in the butt as there were like 20-30 calls an hour coming in! After some investigating and found callers were responding to a home business opportunity ad, but the phone number published wasn’t mine. I reported the fault to BT and they said they’ll look into it and do a line check, blah, blah, blah. But in the meantime, I had an ever-growing list of names and numbers.

Fortunately, the other company had included their address in the ad, and it turned out their office was only round the corner in Carnaby Street. So I went round to explain the fault and hand over the list of contacts, and then discovered they had been getting my calls.

We came to an arrangement, and I remember thinking BT would fix the problem within a day or so and the hassle would be over. However, it took BT much longer to find and fix the fault, and I found myself being the good Samaritan for a second and third time.

On my third visit there happened to be a very friendly American couple in their office, wearing big smiles, looking well tanned and immaculately dressed. They immediately gave out the impression that they were very successful and wealthy, which I later discovered to be true. We got chatting, 10 minutes turned into half an hour, an hour went by, then two, then three hours. I became more curious about what they did for a living as they seemed to be living a life of leisure and just doing a bit of work on the side between vacations.

Eventually, we exchanged business details, and I was invited to attend a Herbalife BOM (Business Opportunity Meeting) that night and they’d stop by my office to pick me up.

At the time I knew nothing about network marketing or who were Herbalife. I was skeptical but curious to learn more. So I had agreed to attend a scheduled business opportunity meeting at a hotel in Bloomsbury that night.

At the meeting there was a ton of interactive audience participation, people were going on stage making weight loss and income testimonials, other groups stood up during a presentation to make a point about the power of duplication. I remember thinking to myself it was a very slick presentation, and the atmosphere that night was charged with contagious excitement.

I came away from that meeting feeling on a such high that I guess it was the defining moment that I fell in love with the concept of network marketing. However, I didn’t feel Herbalife were the network marketing company for me and declined to sign-up there and then.

For the next year, I continued to peel back the layers to learn all I could about network marketing. I listened to industry leader training audios, read dozens of MLM books. I used to go to Foyles bookstore in Charing Cross Road during my lunch hour and read chapters of the MLM books without buying. I learned about the pros and cons of the industry and that network marketing was not just about an alternative distribution method, but it was also about personal growth and empowerment.

It was a year later before I finally did get involved in a network marketing company. It sounds cliche, but I was introduced to a company by a friend. Sadly for him, he resigned a couple of months after I joined and before my business took off in a big way internationally.

Having now been involved in network marketing for 26 years, I have learned some valuable lessons about network marketing, personal development and the importance of having the millionaire mindset.

Looking back on things, meeting that American couple and attending that meeting changed the way I looked at things, and it started me on my journey to become more aware of my own personal development, and also develop a passion for whatever I do.

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Ollie Relfe

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Written by Ollie
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