I was recently in St Mawes, Cornwall, taking a well earned break from running my online EPX Body UK health and nutrition business.

The weather this summer has been truly AMAZING, and my time in St Mawes was during the hottest two weeks of July… BLUE SKIES and SUNSHINE every day!!! Perfect beach weather, and for outdoor and water sports activities. 🙂

st mawes holiday cottage

It is the second time that I have stayed at St Mawes, and in the same rented holiday cottage that overlooks the harbor and Roseland peninsula headland.

There are some stunning harbor views from the patio and from the upstairs master bedroom too. You can also see St Anthony’s head lighthouse and the open waters of the Fal estuary.

The previous time that I stayed here, there were dozens of big ships all anchored in the Fal estuary. They must have been empty of cargo because they were floating high in the water. There is certainly always something different to see happening on the waters here.

Fal estuary
on ferry boat
St Mawes Castle, Cornwall
place creek st mawes harbor
st mawes harbor place creek
st mawes harbor bedroom view
st mawes holiday cottage

St Mawes harbour makes a very convenient base camp for touring the Roseland peninsula and south Cornwall. It’s not crowded, and not too secluded to become a hermit either.

St Mawes on the Roseland peninsular is definitely one of Cornwall’s best hidden gems! Everywhere you look there are stunning views, and it doesn’t take too long to cross the Fal River on the King Harry Ferry and drive to places like St Ives or St Michael’s Mount.

When I was in my early teens, our entire family used to spend the summers touring Cornwall. We visited everywhere, and I only have vague memories of the many places we stayed at. But I do remember going on the St Mawes Ferry to Falmouth and I became sea sick.

Going to Cornwall always feels like I’m taking a trip down childhood memory lane. It’s such a beautiful part of England, but some of the larger towns are starting to become choked with traffic and by development. Many places I visited this trip were not how I remember them to be, some were totally unrecognisable compared to the picture postcard image that I had stored in my memory.

Fal estuary

The Fal estuary, Roseland Peninsular, Cornwall.

This was a very active holiday, and I went for many walks and morning runs on the footpaths that run alongside the Fal estuary.  But it was especially beautiful in the early evening sunshine with all the wildlife still active. Nature’s beauty can be found in and around the fields and everywhere on the Roseland. It is very inspiring for artistic and creative people.

I didn’t have many evening home cooked meals, always felt too full from having hearty big restaurant lunches! But I did sample the culinary delights at three eateries in St Mawes. I am pleased to say that I had great dinning experiences in all of them.

The Watch Tower always does a great meal and has a very friendly service. I always love the desserts there too! I had a lemon tart this time. mmm…

The restaurant is always well booked and getting a table for a group turning up on the off chance comes down to good luck and good timing!

Lemon tart

Lemon Tart at The Watch Tower, St Mawes, Cornwall

victory inn fish and chips

Friday night was pub grub night at The Victory Inn. That always went down well with my travelling companions… and it goes with out saying that the smooth Doom Bar beers went down well too! …Sometimes too quick!! LOL

One thing I noticed during my time in St Mawes, it is certainly a very dog friendly place. You never fail to see people walking their dogs here, and there are even water bowls put out for dogs in many establishments and outside the shop doors.

I had a really delicious crab salad at the Hotel Tresanton. I’ve dined at their restaurant a few times now, and I’m always very impressed with the quality of service and the delicious Mediterranean food they have to offer. As you pay extra, good service it is to be expected!

Crab Salad, Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes

Delicious crab salad at the Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes, Cornwall.


The wine selection at the Tresanton are all very tasty too! I had a bottle of a delicious fruity wine called Madeleine Angevin produced by the local Cornish vineyard, Knightor.

It is noticeable that all the Tresanton staff are very friendly. None of the waitresses ever looked flustered, even when they were rushed off their feet. They were all off to a Jessie J concert at the Eden Project that night when I was dining there. All very excited and wanting to be singing while serving. I certainly give the hotel restaurant a double thumbs up!

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall

St Mawes Castle, Cornwall


I didn’t go into St Mawes Castle this time as I have been round it twice before. I found it to be more interesting than my visit to Pendennis Castle (one of Henry VIII’s Device Forts) across the Fal Estuary, but I guess it depends on your age group. I’m sure kids would find Pendennis Castle to be more fun with the WWII gun emplacements and the interactive exhibits.

They were filming a Rosamunde Pilcher TV adaptation based on one of her romance novels when I was there. According to my sister in Munchen, she’s an extremely popular author in Germany. I guess she must take some credit, and also partly be the inspiration that brings the German tourists in their droves to this part of Cornwall.

On the St Mawes Place ferry

Me on the St Mawes Place Ferry


I took the St Mawes Place Ferry across the harbor to Place Creek on the Roseland Peninsula. The aim was to walk around the headland on the coastal path and visit Porthbeor beach, but I was with my sister who was still on crutches, and the long walk proved impractical in the sweltering heat.

We had a look at St Anthony’s church whilst there, and St Mawes looked very picturesque viewed from that side of harbor too. The water level certainly drops a lot here!

Place Creek St Mawes, Cornwall

Place Creek, St Mawes, Cornwall


st mawes harbor viewed from place creek.

St Mawes harbor viewed from Place Creek.


I think this will be the last time I will stay in St Mawes, because I have yet to rediscover north Cornwall. Right now I’m scouting for somewhere new to stay next time …but no doubt I will visit St Mawes again for the good sea food in the restaurants.

If you are ever in Cornwall, St Mawes has a lot to offer at a more sedate pace. It is not yet spoilt by tacky entertainment facilities to bring in the masses and take it down market. I had a great time here and have some wonderful memories to treasure! Just hope this place stays that way! 🙂


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