A golden age for network marketing

The idea for this post came into being while watching Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro interview Denise and Tom Chenault — You can catch the full Millionaire Dollar Interview here.

As is customary in these awesome interviews, the guests first share their story of how they became involved in network marketing… was it inspiration or out of desperation?

As Eric pointed out, the reasons behind people becoming network marketing entrepreneurs generally fall into one of three groups.

  1. They’ve tried the traditional career path, but for some reason became disenchanted with the 9 to 5 office grind, the lack of recognition, not able to fulfill their potential, or simply have a rebellious personality that doesn’t align with working a job or having a boss.
  2.  Life’s options became limited, either as a result of a forced change in circumstances, or simply born into a more disadvantaged life and saw network marketing as their only way out of poverty and challenging times.
  3. People become involved because it makes sense.

It’s this third group that has become very interesting, especially when you look at the global growth and the trends taking place in today’s economy.

Global Network Marketing Trends

103 million people were involved in network marketing in 2015, up 4.4% from 2014
Global retail sales reached $183 billion in 2015, an increase of 7.7% since 2014

So what’s behind this surge in growth and the arrival of a golden age of network marketing?

The Golden Age of Network Marketing

THE RISE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP — In the traditional job market we are seeing more and more people living paycheck to paycheck and stringing multiple streams together to survive. People have developed a sense of distrust of traditional career avenues, reduced job security and short-term contracts have made jobs less appealing. Today, an ever-increasing number of people want to become entrepreneurs, and network marketing provides a leverage business model to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE — Social media and communication apps now easily connect people all over the world. Language is no longer perceived as being a barrier to doing business across borders. Everyone can share ideas and recommendations with anyone no matter where they are in located the world. The low-cost of starting up has begun to attract a diverse global population to become network marketing business owners.

MACRO TRENDS — Consumers are increasingly more health conscious. With an aging population and many health issues reaching epidemic levels – like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes – network marketing has become catapulted into the limelight and is in a prime place to capitalize on many trends, especially within the health and wellness niche.

TECHNOLOGY — Today, technology has made it very easy to start a network marketing business, you just need a laptop, or can even run everything on your smartphone. E-commerce platforms have allowed network marketing companies to give their distributors tools to easily expand their business.

Online ordering, 24/7 access to professional training, and no need for inventory are making it easier than ever for newbie network marketers to get started and succeed.

SOCIAL SELLING AND SEARCH — Social media has become the main driving force of business. As the saying goes, “people like to do business with people they know, like and trust.” Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms have made it easy to social search and zero in on laser targeted niche markets that align perfectly with your product or service.

Online person-to-person communications have radically changed network marketing and empowered ordinary people to become home business entrepreneurs.

The world is literally at your fingertips!

Social media is a huge game changer, it has become the “first touch” with a prospect. No longer do you need fear the phone, the ice gets broken on social networks or in a text message long before you ever need talk on the phone. This new way of connecting and doing business online has made the difference between success and failure for many introverts!

That’s it for this post!

I’m sure I could dive a little deeper and find many more reasons why network marketing has entered its golden age.

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Written by Ollie
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