Three types of network marketing prospects

Today I am going to talk to you about three types of network marketing prospects.

So let’s dive in…

I had a phone conversation this week with a new distributor who wanted to set himself up to WIN from Day One.

During our new distributor orientation session, the topic of lead generation came up.

This a common topic, especially among struggling network marketers.

Many new recruits don’t even think about lead generation in any great detail. Most fail miserably when following the company strategies, and certainly don’t get to experience leverage.

You know the kind of company strategies I mean… memory jogger, make a list of friends and family, approach everyone with a pulse who comes within three feet, pester the waiter, waitress or barman, buy leads, cruise the Mall doing surveys etc.

My new distributor was a smart guy, so he asked,


I think you’d agree that’s a great question?

So here’s the answer…

When I first got started in network marketing I too was hyper-excited about the company and products. I wrongly assumed that everyone was a prospect and would want to buy my product or join my company.

It was only after I started to learn more about marketing and lead generation that the dots began to join up.

I started to learn all that marketing stuff that I didn’t know I even needed to know when I joined.

You see, there are actually THREE different types of prospects or categories.

  • I love my company!
  • I’m struggling in my company
  • A company, what company?

So let’s dive a little deeper and look at each of these three categories in more detail.


3 types of mlm prospects 1 | MLM lead generation

These are people who are already in business and in a program. Their company is the best… They love the products… The comp plan is awesome… Upline is amazing!!! They go on and on how they LOVE their company and products.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that at all, they have a passion for their company and its products. Great!!

But here’s the thing, if you are trying to pitch your MLM to them then it’s like trying to stick a square peg in a round hole. They are NOT receptive to hearing anything about your company. It’s highly unlikely they would quit theirs and join yours. Something would have to change on the company end before they’d be open to hearing about something new.

However, even though they love their company they might still want a system that teaches them online marketing.

I know wanted to learn how to do attraction marketing, how to generate traffic, how to use LinkedIn, how to advertise on Facebook to increase my audience. So they definitely would be interested in that kind of thing too!

So with this type of prospect, you’d be wasting your time trying to pitch your biz opp. It makes business sense to offer them coaching products that teach them marketing strategies to advance their business while you cultivate your relationship.

3 types of mlm prospects 2 | MLM lead generation

These are people who are in a network marketing company. They could be newbies 30-60 days in or have been doing it for years and years and it’s not going that good.

Their struggle might be they have no upline support… Nobody is teaching them what to do. Upline might be too old school for today’s constantly connected smartphone and Whatsapp environment… They don’t have anyone to talk to, or they have no team to communicate with and they feel isolated.

Whatever the cause of their struggle — there could be thousands of reasons — they need professional help outside of their company and upline to help them take their business to the next level.

So these types of network marketing prospects could be a candidate for coaching products or your biz opp if what you have to offer is really what they are looking for.

3 types of mlm prospects 3 | MLM lead generation

These are people who might have previously been in an MLM and stopped for whatever reason, or life got in the way so they took a hiatus for years.

They might be totally new to network marketing and only learned about it after having stumbled across you online, or read your blog post while researching for ways to make money online, or were looking to learn about Internet attraction marketing and came across your link on the interwebs.

These people are not actually in anything, but they have the DESIRE to be doing something, improve their current situation and make money.

They have an ‘after state’ in their mind of where they would like to be. For example, they want to quit working their day job and work from home to be able to spend more time with their family and loved ones.

So this type of prospect is a great candidate for your network marketing company or as an affiliate for your coaching products. They are problem aware, but not yet solution aware. They are very open to suggestions in any direction to find a fit.

3 types of mlm prospects | MLM lead generation

So now you have learned a little about the different types of network marketing prospects.

So which of the three network marketing prospect categories do you think you will encounter the most frequently?

Well, when you are actively prospecting you will almost certainly encounter the second category of prospect the most often. Probably as much as 75%-80% more frequently than the other two categories.

And by the way, prospects in the third category do come along but it’s not as often.

3 types of mlm prospects | MLM lead generation

Here’s the best thing about the network marketing prospects Category 2 is, they are BUYERS! They already HAVE the DESIRE to WORK FROM HOME! You DO NOT have to convince them that the Network Marketing industry is amazing, they already get it. They already have the mindset of an ENTREPRENEUR! Most of them are struggling to generate leads and sales and they are LOOKING for leadership and coaching!

If you are the one supplying that training and leadership, don’t be surprised if they ask to join you in your biz opp.

So that’s it for this blog post on network marketing prospects. I hope you found some value in it.

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