O2 Worldwide January 2017 Update

It’s day 5 of the new year and I’m just getting back into the blogging groove. After taking New Year’s Day off, the past four days were spent catching up on the massive holiday backlog, scheduled appointments made in 2016, and welcoming aboard new members to our O2 Worldwide team. I’d like to wish all my readers and O2 Worldwide team a very happy and prosperous year ahead.

Before I dive deep on January’s O2 corporate update, I’d just like to spend a few minutes to bring to you up to speed on my own O2 Worldwide business endeavors which have already got off to a cracking start in 2017.

O2 Drops retail sales are being VERY buoyant, and the number of sign-ups looking to make extra income with their own side hustle is increasing.

It’s a busy time right now! If I had made any New Year’s Resolutions, then I’m sure the one about more early nights would have been broken already! Lol

But the amazing thing is, one big swig of O2 drops before bed soon has me in dreamland within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. Even when burning the midnight oil, I wake up feeling amazing after having slept so well. O2 drops are amazing when you get the dosage right for yourself.

On the biz side… I’m currently doing my first 16 day blitz of the year! 

I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone to achieve rank goals, and to look for more leaders to help expand my O2 Europe team  — great things are coming to EU on the company end, so I hear… but for now, I will keep schtum on the insider secrets!!

So, I’ve no time to dilly-dally, procrastinate, worry about fears or make excuses for my own failings during 2016. I am laser focused, giving things maximum effort during the network marketing industry’s busiest period of the year.

But it’s definitely not unusual being swamped with more leads than I can possibly deal with at this time of the year, especially having laid the foundations for an outstanding 2017 in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

What’s more, being out there blogging and on the interwebs, I receive many cross line customers messages all asking product questions. If their sponsor was doing a proper job and not neglecting their product user, then those people would not have to search Google.

My advice to those reps take better care of business and your customers, or else, they’ll end up as my O2 customers through good relationship building. The topic of neglecting product users was kind of covered in “Tip #3 – Never Assume” of my guest blogger post: 10 Steps To Build A Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team .

Okay, that’s enough of me bleating on, let’s get onto what you’re here for…

O2 Worldwide Update: January 2017

This call contained a mix of updates, reports, new tools and the CEO upbeat rants you’d expect to hear on the first call of the new year. You can listen to the full replay here:

Beneficial Revelations

  • Vision introduction – Take O2 worldwide to early stages of momentum by end of 2017
  • Awareness of back office reporting system for
    1) monitoring downline if on/off autoship, or if the account is not set up correctly
    2) overview reports tracking organization
  • Housekeeping on O2 Elite System’s most common problem – package option is not added to autoship due to its set up being a one time order. Therefore, people were not aware that it needs to be maintained on autoship or you lose access to it.
  • New option for O2 Drops customers to have autoship, own customer back office for order tracking and history
  • Introducing a benefit – Free shipping for loyal customers on autoship (Internationals option not yet finalized)
  • Loyalty Program for distributors on autoship (receive credits towards product purchases or business tools)
  • Introduction of 7 people Advisory Board to become the distributors voice of the company
  • Tweaks to the joino2.com system with a new 2 minute video.
  • Back office simplification – Streamline the “Now what?” getting started process. Transition to a simple system of step-by-step Getting Started Training to help people find their two people. Series of videos to walk people through the process.
  • Enhancements to the O2 Elite System to maximise sampling opportunity and exposure, introduce the opportunity.
  • Every Tuesday 9 pm EST live webinars that form part of the O2 Elite System
  • Every Wednesday and Thursday 9 pm EST Getting Started calls for new distributors who joined through:
    1) LUCbuilder

So that’s it for this short post.

If you want to get involved in “O2 Worldwide” and work with me personally, then visit my O2ww website here. Let’s connect and talk about your goals, and what you want to do…

…You have a choice. You can stay on your current path. This could (possibly) be “Trading Time for Money” in 9-5 job and not living the life of your dreams. Or you can choose the O2 Worldwide path to become financially independent and have the time freedom to do the things you love.

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