O2 Worldwide Launch Update Call

I finally found the time to post the O2 Worldwide Official Launch Call Replay. Woo hoo!!

So much has happened this past week that it got pushed well down on my DO list.

O2ww call hosted by O2worldwide Marketing Director Tommy Cardon.

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O2worldwide Launch Call Highlights

This was both a “vision call” and a “what now” call. But seeing as I have been tardy in posting this replay many of the training elements have already been implemented in the O2 back-office, including the videos and “Get your business off to a fast start by following these 9 steps” training tomb too.

During the first part of the call, our CEO Dan Putnam outlined the importance of getting stuck into working your 90-day plan of ACTION with the internet system ( LUCbuilder , ThriveO2 and O2worldwide plus other options with video lead capture pages for personal customization) together with the surveyed internet leads.

He explained the process once a lead opts in on your capture page, using the call center pin and autoresponder series that follow-up for you. He placed special emphasis on the importance of FOLLOW UP!!!

I know how important this is myself, I see sales and sign-ups for whatever business I am working coming from contacts that came into my sales pipeline weeks, months, or even several years ago. The money is ALWAYS in the follow-up!!

Sales follow up - the fortune is always in the follow up

This system is turnkey, all you have to do is give the social proof….be a validator that the process works, which is does!! 🙂

You can follow-up on your 20 surveyed leads by text, email or by giving them a call. Calls are better than text, texts are better than emails because most people won’t see your message these days.

You can also track them down on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter or wherever they show up as being active. You can use a browser or mobile add-on like, FullContactSideKick, and finally AboutNumber. They all have their pros and cons, you have to find which works best for you. The new kid on the block is

Then you then simply Connect, Communicate and Close.

My advice is don’t spam during the communication stage because on social sites you can get your account locked if they don’t agree to receive links.

Next, he talked about the direct mail system using the 50 postcards and 50 direct mail leads.

Responses are averaging 2% to 5%, so 1 or 2-3 responses will progress to maybe upgrade or phone the call center, which according to Dan has about a 30% close rate. launched!! 

This is our go-to hub where you can find all the latest information, calls, blog, training, videos, and marketing tools like banners, flyers, and promotional merchandise shop.

New promotions with O2 packages i.e. Buy two, get one free. A six-pack and 12 pack.

A special promotion launched March 1st using different labels for a random end of month prize drawing. The prize is a $100 of free gear of your choice. All the winners will also be entered into another drawing for $500 in cash.

Then he briefly covered things in works, testimonials site like the being pulled into a feed for sites, and using hashtag campaigns #o2ww #o2drops #o2worldwide

Finally, he covered the K-Club and the big push that kicks off in April. I must admit I had not paid much attention to this yet. Hey, we were in prelaunch! But you can earn exclusive trips, incentives, and cash as you move up the K-Club ranks.

o2drops, o2ww K-Club

See Compensation Plan for the full details

That’s it for this O2worldwide Launch post! Better late than never!!

Now it’s your turn! You’ve listened to Dan talk about the amazing O2ww opportunity. It’s time to take ACTION. Take your first step and test drive the o2ww system for yourself. You could be in business within the next couple of minutes. All you have to do to get started is visit my LUCbuilder site, fill out your details…and I’ll see you on the other side. 🙂 Carpe diem!!


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