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As an individual with downline to support and motivate, I have learned amazing things about human behavior, and one thing I notice on a constant basis is that many people really do struggle with a CONSISTENCY OF FOCUS.

Today’s network marketing tip has helped me maintain and improve focus, and my hope is that by sharing this technique it will help you become more successful.

Focus requires a decision to be committed to seeing something through. If you get distracted, how focused were you really?

So why is it that when we say, “I’m focused or committed” we continually allow ourselves to get sidetracked…or worse, even completely derailed?

Could it be that we put too much focus on “doing something” activity, and we’re not necessarily going to get results, and it’ll force us to lose motivation to continue doing it?

There are a number of things that successful people do to stay focused and get where they are.

It all starts with knowing exactly what it is they want and having enough desire, ambition, and persistence to go after that one thing until they get it.

THAT is the key.

Many people allow the mistakes they make along the way or the bumps in the road on the company end to sap their energy or allow them to become reasons to exit from chasing the success they’re so wanting.

Successful people understand that setbacks are simply learning experiences, they realize that mistakes are necessary stepping stones on the way to success.

However, one of the primary reasons most network marketers give up is simply because they have never decided on what it is they want and made the commitment to go after it.

They never imprinted the end result in their brain, in their heart…in their “being” so that nothing stands in their way.

That’s where you need to be… Know your WHY!

Anything worthwhile requires focus, commitment and the will to follow through.

So how can you turn things around and accomplish this?

Well, here’s my challenge to you.

Get a sheet of paper out. And start writing down everything you want to have, do or achieve in life.

Some people will even take this a step further and create a dream/vision board of exactly what they want, and want to accomplish…And that’s great!

Now, I want you to actually write out by hand “what your goals” are. It’s a LOT more effective from a subconscious neurological standpoint than using a smartphone app or Word doc.

To help you define the goals you are shooting for, write down your answers to these three questions to help to channel your thoughts.

1. Do you know what you want?
2. Have you decided what you’re going after?
3. Have you made a list of things you want to accomplish in your life?

Now I know this whole “make a goal, write it down” thing sounds very a simplistic exercise.

But here’s the thing…

When I’m inspired and energized I perform a lot better than when I’m not.

I don’t know exactly how this happens, but the magic starts to work from the moment we write down “on paper” all the things we want. It generates new energy levels and inspires us to do the things we need to do.

It focuses the mind, but it also shifts our thinking from an activity goal towards a RESULTS goal. And if you focus on results, your mind will become more creative, you’ll be more inspired to do the activity, and you’ll absolutely get results.

When people are seeing the desired results they will continue to repeat the process.

Try it, it works.

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