One80 virtual business in a box for aspiring entrepreneurs.

commutersONE80 VIRTUAL BUSINESS IN A BOX — Every morning 100’s of millions of people wake up and make the commute to work, many dream of the day when they can quit their day job and have more time to do the things they love or to spend it with their loved ones.

Every time the boss lets someone know that they must give up their weekend plans for the good of the company, people think about the benefits of being their own boss.

Are you one of these people?

Many people dream of the benefits of business ownership, but few live their dream because they’re put off by the sacrifices that need to be made to bring their dream to fruition. But not every type of business requires big sacrifices, has a steep learning curve, or needs substantial up front investment or big marketing budget.

Network marketing offers aspiring entrepreneurs, or anyone who has the desire to change their life, the chance to create an unlimited income for little or no risk, and without all the set up hassles and learning curve before making profits.

Millions of people are looking for a SIMPLE and PROVEN business model that they can do part-time. In other words, they are looking for a virtual business in a box with a working blueprint to be up and running and generating profits within minutes.

And that’s where One80 comes in.

One80 is a ‘Virtual’ Product Suite, an umbrella of ‘leading edge’ Business Apps, Marketing Tools, Traffic Exchange, 4X, S&P500 Futures Trading, Home Study Business Training, Tax Leins Training and a Discounts & Savings program combined into the ONE business package, and all for an affordable start-up price point that’s less than $30.00!!

One80 Virtual Business In A Box

One80 Virtual Business In A Box

The One80 package consists of 9 parts:

1) A ‘virtual’ home business opportunity in a box

The One80 product suite is a proven business concept – a blueprint for success – that is designed to help fledgling entrepreneurs worldwide to instantly be in business with an exciting ‘virtual’ opportunity, and to have all the necessary tools, websites, training and back office administration systems to help you get your new business off to a flying start and quickly generating profits.

One80 Opportunity Highlights

· EPX180 International Opportunity – Free, $14.95 or $29.95.
· No Enrolment fees
· No Distributor Kits fees
· No Cost Capture Page + Auto-Responder Provided
· You get a $25.00 gift certificate every single month to go out to eat at a restaurant of your choice — That’s BREAK EVEN point on your purchase right there!

Earn from multiple sources of income with One80 + the parent company’s ( EPXBody ) nutritional products.


  • Retail Customer Bonus  – Earn a 30% cash bonus, plus 50% of the CV will go into the Binary Pay Plan, every time a customer you signed up makes a product purchase.
  • Fast Start Bonus – Earn a 30% cash bonus, plus 50% of the CV will go into the Binary Pay Plan, on the first order of every new distributor you enroll with a product purchase.
  • Guaranteed Minimum Check – Get your product for free by enrolling as few as four people.
  • Binary Pay – Earn up to 20% on the CV of your lesser volume team every week. No cycles.
  • Generation Matching Bonus – Earn a 10% check match paid on up to four generations of Executives. (Match is based on the Binary Pay only.)
  • Global Bonus Pool – As a Global Vice President, earn a share in a 2% Global Bonus Pool of the total company CV every month.
  • 4 Who Get 4 Bonus – Sponsor 4 who then sponsor 4 (total of 20) distributors who purchase a package and earn a $125-$500 bonus.

Download full pay plan detailsTaxbot business expense tracker

2) TaxBot

Taxbot is an amazing business tax tracking and training software and phone app for IBO’s who need to keep track of their expenses and maximize tax deductions.. With Taxbot alone the average yearly savings is $2000, so for most people with One80 it will save 10 times more than the business cost.

It can be used anywhere in the world, and is IRS/CPA compliant in the U.S. and Canada. It’s perfect for tracking all kinds of business expenses such as home office, entertainment, meals, business travel etc., and the Google Maps integrated GPS Mileage tracker makes tracking business miles effortless. You can store all your receipts in the cloud to make tax reporting easy.

Taxbot will also help make sure your records are bulletproof against an IRS or Canada Revenue Agency audit.

TaxBot offers so much more than just being a phone app or web software, it also provides helpful Tax Tips on how to get Targeted Tax Breaks for your home business and keep more of your money with tax breaks.

With the system you also receive access to the exclusive online training library with tons of IRS secrets from North America’s Nr. 1 Tax Expert, Sandy Botkin, CPA, ESQ & former IRS Agent Trainer. He’ll show you how to…

How to get free gas for your car?
TaxBot will show you that if you track your vehicle usage properly and with some planning ahead you can get your gas essentially for net zero cost!

How to turn meals into money?
It’s true! With a little foreknowledge and planning you can turn your meals into tax deductions.

How to claim a home office
TaxBot will show you how to qualify for a home office that will save you $1,000’s every year!

How to deduct medical expenses?
With Obamacare there are a lot of changes. Learn how a self insured medical reimbursement plan can put healthy returns in the bank!

…And much much more!!

How One80 Makes Business Trips A Tax Write Off.
Saving .56CENTS Per Mile!

How One80 Makes SAVINGS On The Go!

TaxBot Highlights: Mobile/Web Based Platform + Phone App

· Tax Tips with TaxBot

You can watch other Taxbot Tips videos here.
Tip #1 – Get FREE Gas for Your Car
Tip #2 – Meals That Make You Money
Tip #3 – Double Your Fun with Entertainment Deductions
Tip #4 – Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine
Tip #5 – Sample Your Way to Success

VIP Deals Direct3) VIP Deals Direct

The “My Deals” phone/web app let’s you make local SAVINGS using Coupon codes for discounts at +330,000 Merchants. You can shop online through the VIP Deals platform or use in store at any brick and mortar merchant.

VIP Deals Direct back office

VIP Deals Direct Back Office. Click on image to enlarge.


VIP Deals Savings / Discounts Highlights

· Everyday savings of up to 50% off
· Serving 100% of all U.S. metro – and micropolitan markets.
· Over 300,000 merchants nationwide
· Over 500 popular national brands.
· 100,000+ “Show your phone” mobile coupons.

· Unlimited Movie tickets for only $7.50 each
· Up to 30% off on DVD Rentals at Blockbuster
· Up to 50% off on Theme Park Admissions
· Up to 50% off on Sporting Event Tickets
· Up to 50% off on Museum Admissions
· Up to 50% off on Zoo & Aquarium Admissions
· Up to 50% off on Live Concert Performances
· Up to 50% off on Health & Fitness Clubs
· Up to 50% off at participating Retail Stores
· Up to 50% off on Rental Car Reservations
· Up to 20% off on Hotels & Vacation Rentals
· Up to 50% off on Automotive Services & Parts

4) Home Business Marketing Toolkit

One80 offers two kinds of tools, tools for tracking and tools for marketing. This enables you to run your business efficiently and saving you time while giving you cutting edge marketing tools to help you get your business noticed.

Marketing Tools Highlights

· Lead Capture Pages
· Powerful Marketing Presentations
· Automated Email Follow Up
· Contact Management System
· Business Tracking tools and much more.

One80 dashboard

5) Video & Audio Training

Training is the first step to an aspiring entrepreneur’s success, and without the proper training and understanding of what creates success you are leaving your entire business to chance. One80 provides all the tools you need to put this knowledge into action. With our turnkey training we teach people how to succeed.

6) 4X Trading System

The Forex market does over a Trillion dollars a day, every day fortunes are made and lost. This way of investment is very attractive because you can make lots of money very quickly. That said, you can also lose lots of money that’s where EPX180 4x EA comes in. The EPX Trader predicts price movements a few seconds before they happen. It is not magic but an advanced IT technology that enables the Robot to “see” where the price is going; therefore you will always be on the right side of the market – whether its going up or down.

7) S&P 500 Futures Trading

Follow the experts who tell you what trades to make on Futures, Options on Futures, and retail off-exchange foreign currency transactions.

8) Tax Leins Training

Tax liens investing for beginners video training, detailed 50 State guide, and how to do research process for property tax lein certificates.

9) Traffic Exchange

The EPX180 2:1 surf exchange will allow you to display your website on the Auto Surf rotator. When members surf websites, they will view the website you assign credits to, for a specified amount of time.

Real people, real visitors. Traffic credits allow you to advertise your links and other programs to members of EPX180 by assigning surf credits to links you create in your back office ad manager. Free Members earn 1 surf credit for every 2 websites they surf.

Note: Ad Packs are not an investment you are purchasing credits that can be redeemed for traffic to your website or impressions to your banners. There are no refunds on ad packs. We do offer a revenue sharing pool for everyone who purchases an ad pack and surfs at least 10 sites per day. We share 100% of all ad pack revenue plus $2 on every $14.95 subscription and $5 on every $29.95 subscription. You share in revenues up to 2% a day on every day that you surf for 55 days. To share the full 2% you have to surf and there has to be enough funds in the rev share pool to cover the 2%.

So there you have it. This is affordable to everyone and pays for itself in savings made starting day one!

EPX 180 | One180 virtual home business in a boxSo there you have it! One80 is affordable opportunity for everyone, and pays for itself in savings made starting day one!!

One80 provides the tools, benefits, and education to help aspiring entrepreneurs start a successful leveraged business.

The One80 Product suite is designed to help you take advantage of the emerging trends in the social marketplace and at the same time make sure you are able to take advantage of the benefits and tax benefits of owning your own business.

For less than $30/month, any business owner, manager, affiliate, or employee that takes a close look at this product package will either make or save at least 10 times your monthly cost within 90 days or your money will be refunded. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you have ever wanted to finally make a difference in your life & the lives of others you have the chance to do so today. Click the link below to join my global EPX180 Success Team!!

Ollie Sept

Join My Global $uccess Team!!
Get Your One80 Virtual Business In A Box Now!

The sooner you begin, the sooner YOU can simplify your life AND achieve your dreams!

PS: AS SOON AS YOU JOIN EPX Body, you qualify for government subsidy (free money). See my blog post… “MLM Tip #4 – Home Office: A Tax Deduction Goldmine” 

PPS: Need a free proven simple strategy to get tons more leads for your home business? Check out my Facebook Scripts post and using the “Max Method” blueprint.

Next Step: Once you have enrolled and purchased your subscription package, go to your back office dashboard and navigate to the menu bar tab marked “Training”  and select “Back Office Training”. In there you’ll find a series of videos which explains how your back office works.

How to start with EPX180 VIPDeals apps

“I’ve just joined One80, what do I do next?”

Follow these simple steps to quickly get your One80 virtual business in a box set up.

1. Set up your VIP Deals Direct Account

Login to your back office:

Scroll down until you see the grey box that says “VIP Deals Direct Account Setup”

Select “Click Here” and view your VIP Deals Direct account details.

You will be taken to a page where you will find your username and password for VIP Deals

Login with the username and password you just received. This password will be generic and you can reset it once you login.

Type in your zip code (or any zip code where you are) and you should have full access to the coupons and savings near you

2. Download the MyDeals app

On your smart phone, go to the “Google Play store” or “App Store”

Search for the “MyDeals” app – The icon is a gray square with green writing

Download the app – it is FREE so if it tries to charge you, you have the wrong app.

Once downloaded, open the app and fill out your information. It will ask you for a mobile password. The password will be: 1313-123456

If you have any questions about VIP Deals specifically, please call them at (877) 960-4220

3. Download the Taxbot app

On your smart phone, go to the “Google Play store” or “App Store”

Search “Taxbot” – The icon is orange with a little robot on it

Download the app – it is FREE so if it tries to charge you, you have the wrong app

If you have any questions specifically about Taxbot, please call them at (877) 960 – 4220

4. Get your Restaurant Gift Certificate

Be sure you followed Step 1 and have set up your VIP Deals account. Login to VIP Deals and click on “Gift Certificate”

Click on “Redeem Code” and it will direct you to a new page at

If it is your first time using you will need to create an account on the top right hand side. Select “my account” and then “create new”

After you have created the account, click the “Redeem Gift” tab at the top of the page

Apply the code you were given and save to your account

Remember – you cannot redeem 2 codes at once. The codes you receive will not expire but if you enter one, you cannot enter another one until the first one has been all used.

Important: Write your codes down. If you miss a month, there is no way for us to go back and get the code for you.

That’s it! You are now set up to make and save money with One80. 

EPX body UK Distributor

Written by Ollie
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