EPX body Update Call October 2015

It’s the first day of October! Only 90 days left until 2016 arrives, and 83 shopping days left until Christmas. Have you started on yours yet?

Looking back, September was a great month for me in all my entrepreneurial endeavours, and my EPX Body success team expanded to now include Team Sweden.

Team UK continues to grow and the weight loss results with the Challenge are going great so I hear. Am really looking forward to seeing the dramatic before and after photos near Christmas.

Moving on… let’s get to the purpose of this post and the latest exciting developments we heard on the EPX Body update call tonight. Things just keep on getting better and better! Even those who struggle in network marketing are making some progress here! Finally success for them! 🙂

Call Highlights

Not a huge number of updates on this call, just three main points coved it. But drum roll please….

Wow! The launch of Turnkey Residual system! An industry first for a product company too! This system will be massive as so many networkers struggle and jump from program to program hoping to find success only to fail and lose money. This makes mlm more doable for the average person.

Okay, let’s get into what was on the call…

  1. Launch (Monday 5th October) Taxbot full edition for $9.95 which includes expert tax help and phone support for those needing help with their taxes. No commissions on this product as they’ve gone for lowest price point to peak interest both from within and business owners. EPX will be running 3 tax tips webinars, one per month between now and 2016.
  2. DietBet program launching next week to help people stay motivated on their weight loss goals.
  3. Turnkey Residual system launching next week. — Basically, a “Business in an Envelope” aka a Side Business in a Box! This is way cool to help struggling network marketers!! For $50 you are getting a Detox pack (4 packs of tea, makes 4 gallons = 1 month supply) + 50 Postcards + 50 Leads + Inbound Call center to close those leads for you 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Wow! You can pump this with your own marketing efforts and have the call center present and close ALL of your prospects!Sizzle line: 301-232-0307
    Recording: http://www.byoaudio.com/website_audio/Wlwbv2wQ
    Recording of Dan’s EpxBody Turnkey Residual Call 10-6-2015 with all the nuts & bolts and Q&A.

EPX turnkey residual income marketing systemUPDATE 04.10.2015:  The Turnkey Residual Business system is available in the EPXbody store (and back office) for new Sign Ups right now. You need to order this system in order to get a call center pin and be able to use the call center to close your sales.  The call center is open from 12pm-9pm EST Mon-Sat. excluding National Holidays.

There are TWO versions of this package. One for the United sates that includes 4 packs of Epxbody Detox, 50 post cards, 50 direct mail leads, your own call center pin, turnkeyresidual.com marketing system, and use of the call center.

There is also an International package that includes everything from the USA pack except instead of Post Cards and Leads we include 20 surveyed internet leads. Remember you can market your call center pin using the post cards, via email marketing, text marketing, ads, flyers, warm market etc… All marketing should include the Sizzle message or the video so the prospects have a basic idea of how it works before they call the call center.  This is a very unique package and should give you a huge advantage over any of our competitors in the networking marketing industry.

With Christmas coming and the festive season being one of the busiest months of the year for shopping and making moola, we are all looking forward to making brisk sales with all EPX Body products. If you have not yet taken the steps to start your own side business, then now is a great time to begin and also make huge savings on your Christmas shopping and Thanksgiving travel needs at the same time. EPXbody and One80 are the perfect side business program that will help aspiring entrepreneurs succeed at network marketing without blowing up their marriages. Check it out!

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