Success Coach Ollie Relfe here….

Have you ever sat down and thought about what success really means to you?

I do it all the time—in fact I’ve taken 15 minutes just to start this post because I was looking for a topic to kick off my introduction to the latest EPX Body Update Call, and at the same time give you an empowering nugget to think about — knowledge is power!

Please sit with me while I talk you through this quick story…or keep reading.

You see, it turns out, that while I was listening to my recording for a second time and taking notes of the valuable biz nuggets that our CEO Dan Putnam shared, the moral suddenly hit me like a TON of BRICKS!

jim rohn success quoteThis call had focused on SUCCESS.

Both ours and the company’s journey to finding it.

He talked about becoming empowered by what he had learned from other successful leaders, and how he incorporated that new found wisdom into his own business. All of which eventually lead him to create the outstanding wealth creation opportunity that we believe in today.

The more I listened to Dan talk about the many things that we need to be doing to become successful in our EPX business, the more my thought’s almost magnetically became attracted to focus on success words, and the meaning of success.

My mindset shifted into higher gears.

So with that idea fresh in my mind I made a snap decision to sit down and bang out a quick post on what SUCCESS means to me.

To me success is defined by who we are, what we believe in, and what we think it means to be successful. For some it is about money and the lifestyle and luxuries it can buy; for others it could be relationships, family, career, religion, sport, or education. I believe that success is reaching my own personal dreams. But guess what? I also believe it is defined by the amount happiness in my life. I’m certainly not done with achieving my dreams, but I also know that I have been successful so far because I’ve worked hard towards my goals regardless of my circumstances. But what kept me going wasn’t hunger for money, but the pursuit of more happiness. I believe there’s no point to being rich if I’m not enjoying myself. The simple truth is, it is easier for me to become wealthy if I start from a place of being happy–with what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. Therefore, success to me is about having HAPPINESS and BALANCE in my life.

Okay, back to the purpose of this post, to share the latest EPX Body Updates.

I don’t know about you but I’m getting pretty darn excited about where this company are quickly heading in game changing the Network Marketing industry. Even though there have been many challenging bumps in the road for us internationals,  we are moving forward at a pace that simply takes your breath away!

So let your journey to SUCCESS begin by listen to Dan talk about what you need to be doing to move your home business forward.

EPX Body Update Call 11.21.2013

What To Do Next

Obviously, make the necessary changes to begin having more success.

Start embracing tech and the Internet to make full time income or extra income. Have you ever thought about doing anything empowering like that?

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